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управление базой данных MySQL, tool SQL Server

Дата публикации: 26.04.2021 - 10:25
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ksenthilbabu, Hacking does not remove the trial period. After 30 days, the program requests registration!

updated hacking, links in previous posts!
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PHPMaker 2019.0.10 + crack (key gen)

- Requires .NET Framework 4.5
- Improved: Use CustomMsg in Add Option page
- Improved: reCAPTCHA extension
- Fixed: Read-only TEXTAREA fields
- Fixed: Master/Detail with the same table
- Fixed: CAPTCHA in Forgot Password page
- Fixed: Detecting MySQL ENUM/SET values with spaces (URL connection)
- Updated: composer.json and Composer-Setup.exe
- Updated: JsRender, jQuery and jQuery Migrate
- Other minor bug fixes and improvements
Extension PHPMaker 2019 + PHPMaker 2019.0.10.0
PHPMaker 2020.0.1 + crack (key gen)

Цитата | Quote(PHPMaker 2019/08/19 v2020.0.1)
- Allow update template in trial version
- Move forgot password and register links in login page
- Improved: Detect Azure SQL Server for optimizing SELECT statement
- Improved: Add error handling for CurrentPageID()
- Fixed: Class names for Font Awesome Free
- Fixed: Upload field input group icon
- Fixed: Some code of extensions not generated
- Fixed: Alignment for crosstab summary field
- Fixed: Hidden primary key fields (if not selected for the page)
- Fixed: Maximum call stack size exceeded error during generation
- Fixed: Security for Custom File with Static User Levels
- Fixed: Custom File content with special characters
- Fixed: Search operator LIKE, NOT LIKE, STARTS WITH and ENDS WITH
- Fixed: Multi-Select Lookup field SQL for LIKE and other operators
- Fixed: AutoSuggest not closed after blur
- Fixed: Custom Template not rendered properly
- Fixed: OtherOptions in List page not rendered properly
- Fixed: Class ExportEmail for View page
- Fixed: Lookup field with lookup table filter
- Fixed: Lookup_Selecting server event
- Fixed: Hyperlink prefix/suffix
- Fixed: Function HtmlToText()
- Fixed: et.json
- Replace ScrollingTable extension by FixedHeaderTable extension (for registered users)
- Many other minor improvements

PHPMaker 2020 + crack (keygen)

- Change cookie consent to Toast
- Right click and repeat selected code for all fields in Custom Template Editor
- Add GetLinkHtml() method to class ListOption
- Fixed: Lookup fields in registration page
- Fixed: Upload icon for file upload input group
- Fixed: Default language cannot be set
- Fixed: Replace CR+LF by <BR>
- Fixed: Master record page hyperlinks
- Fixed: Default decimal precision for lookup fields
- Fixed: Confirm password Custom Template in registration page
- Fixed: Lookup field with Advanced Search enabled but Extended Search disabled
- Fixed: SendEmail() for plain text email
- Fixed: Set field properties for multiple fields (UI)
- Fixed: Upload and barcode with S3
- Fixed: Support for IE 11
- Updated: CurrentUserIP()
- Updated: Use fa-ellipsis-v for list action button
- Updated: Sample code for Custom Template in code repository
- Many other minor improvements
Thank Again for the great software.

If any possibilities for phpmaker 2020 Extensions, it will be of immense help.

Thank you Again
PHPMaker 2020.0.3 + crack (keygen)

- Add server events to index page
- Allow no grouping fields for summary report
- Fixed: Include shared file in extension
- Fixed: Sort direction icon in userpriv.php
- Fixed: Preview extension with Firefox
- Fixed: Warnings for cancelAnimationFrame and requestAnimationFrame in Chrome
- Fixed: Table name field size in user level permission table
- Fixed: DateTime picker for date formats without seconds
- Fixed: File upload handler not returning MIME type for PDF files
- Updated: AdminLTE 3.0.0-rc.1
- Updated: DateTime picker (Tempus Dominus v5.1.2)
- Many other minor improvements

Цитата | Quote(phpmaker 2020 Extensions)
If any possibilities for phpmaker 2020 Extensions, it will be of immense help.

only 2019 sad.gif
eWorld Tech PHPMaker 2020.0.4 + crack (serial gen)

e-World Tech PHPMaker 2020.0.5 + crack (serial gen)

- Improved: Treat MySQL TinyInt field as boolean only if set as checkbox
- Fixed: Select options across pages in Modal Lookup
- Fixed: Selected value in AutoSuggest removed on blur
- Fixed: Collapsible Cards in Dashboard report
- Fixed: Crosstab report column field ORDER BY (MSSQL)
- Fixed: AutoFill with updating Dynamic Selection Lists
- Fixed: OverlayScrollars option of FixedHeaderTable extension
- Fixed: Duplicate group values in summary only reports with compact summary footer
- Fixed: Export with Extended Search in report
- Fixed: Startup Script for grid page
- Fixed: Crosstab report year selection
- Fixed: Report grouping field CSS class
- Fixed: NOT LIKE operator with collation
- Updated: AdminLTE 3.0.0-rc.4
- Many other minor improvements
e-World Tech PHPMaker 2020.0.6 + кряк (ключ-ген)
- Add advanced setting "List page minimum table height (px)"
- Add FormData polyfill (for IE)
- Improved: Show Extended Filter for charts if not showing report
- Improved: CSS styles for User Level Permissions page
- Improved: Skip "No record found" message for Grid page
- Fixed: Lazy loading images for modal View page
- Fixed: Use input with type="text" for TEXTAREA in Confirm page
- Fixed: Error with Detail grid
- Fixed: Personal Data page
- Fixed: Master/Detail-Add/Edit with Confirm page
- Fixed: "dropdown-toggle" class for delete filter button
- Fixed: Span tag ID for search value 2
- Fixed: Default value for date filter
- Fixed: Column field of date type (Crosstab report)
- Fixed: Import/Lookup permissions
- Fixed: File upload with special characters in file name
- Fixed: Lookup ORDER BY for grouping field
- Fixed: Brand image CSS style
- Fixed: Error when changing some settings in "Tables" grid (UI)
- Updated: AdminLTE 3.0.0 and Chart.js
- Many other minor improvements

PHPMaker 2020 + crack (keygen)

Цитата | Quote(2019/11/25 v2020.0.7)
- More AdminLTE 3 sidbar and navbar CSS classes
- Allow file upload in Add Option page
- Allow encrypting email field if not used as username field (Field encrpytion extension)
- Improved: Connecting with PostgreSQL 12
- Improved: Handle typing date in datetimepicker
- Improved: "Plain" theme with fixed header table
- Improved: Keep uploaded files when insert/update is cancelled
- Fixed: Auto hide page size selector
- Fixed: Drilldown for dropdown filter
- Fixed: dompdf extension font for CPDF
- Fixed: FormData for IE
- Fixed: jQuery file download for Android browser
- Fixed: Update primary key with confirm page
- Fixed: Modal registration confirm page
- Fixed: Reports with Linked Table as source
- Fixed: Report as detail table
- Fixed: Menu with all items as Navbar items
- Updated: AdminLTE 3.0.1 (include fixed margin left on sidebar collapse without sidebar-mini) and Chart.js
- Many other minor improvements

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