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PHPMaker 2021.0.13


управление базой данных MySQL, tool SQL Server

Дата публикации: 26.04.2021 - 10:25
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e.World Tech PHPMaker 2020.0.8 + crack (key gen)

- Improved: User interface
- Improved: Handle empty display value in lookup (Use original value)
- Improved: submitAction() allows $.ajax() settings
- Improved: Center reCAPTCHA in mobile mode (reCAPTCHA extension)
- Fixed: Autologin after registratio/activation
- Fixed: Navbar CSS class names
- Fixed: Table grid panel colors in List page
- Fixed: Virtual lookup field unchecked in List page
- Fixed: Input group width in Login and Change Password pages
- Fixed: Load events on changing reports (UI)
- Updated: Bootstrap 4.4.1
- Many other minor improvements

PHPMaker 2020.0.9 + crack (key gen)

Цитата | Quote(PHPMaker)
- Improved: Use encryption key as random key if set
- Improved: Use TransactionIsolation = SQLSRV_TXN_READ_UNCOMMITTED (MSSQL)
- Improved: Encrypt session ID in encrypted file path
- Improved: Handle Custom Field that is a SELECT statement
- Fixed: Cell_Rendered server event for reports
- Fixed: function submitAction()
- Fixed: Export to PDF with Barcode
- Fixed: Date/Time picker and lookup field text input width (for Bootstrap 4.4)
- Fixed: Search panel toggle button (for Bootstrap 4.4)
- Fixed: Reports not shown for Static User Level Security
- Updated: OverlayScrollars 1.10.2
- Many other minor improvements

e World Tech PHPMaker 2020.0.10 + crack (key gen)

- Improved: Skip render own lookup
- Improved: Check "pageno" before "start" for pager
- Fixed: Lookup display fields in same table
- Fixed: API with Windows Authentication
- Fixed: Master/Detail key with Auto-Update Value
- Fixed: Custom full URL protocols
- Fixed: Google maps for reports
- Fixed: Boolean lookup for reports
- Fixed: Cannot delete report (UI)
- Fixed: Font error in Firefox
- Updated: AdminLTE 3.0.2
- Many other minor improvements

e.World Tech PHPMaker 2020.0.11 + crack (key gen)

- Improved: Skip lookup for readonly fields
- Fixed: API for multiple file upload
- Fixed: Connection with PostgreSQL 12 (UI)
- Fixed: Google maps for report with groups
- Fixed: Inline-Add lookup for multi column List page
- Fixed: Row_Import server event
- Fixed: Export aggregate (PhpSpreadsheet extension)
- Updated: OverlayScrollars 1.10.3
- Many other minor improvements

e-World Tech PHPMaker 2020.0.11.1 + crack (keygen)

- Many other minor improvements

PHPMaker 2020.0.12 + crack (serial gen)

- Improved: Allow manual input of database name and schema for PostgreSQL (UI)
- Improved: Page number selector width
- Improved: Error handling of invalid Custom Field expression
- Improved: Handle incorrect upload settings
- Improved: Handle empty field format type for highlighting search result
- Improved: insertSql() method
- Improved: JSON encode for data in Custom Template
- Fixed: Missing header in export to CSV (View page)
- Fixed: Export numeric lookup field (PhpSpreadsheet)
- Fixed: API user level security
- Updated: UploadHandler.php
- Updated: OverlayScrollars 1.11.0
- Updated: JsRender 1.0.6
- Many other minor improvements

PHPMaker 2020.0.13 + crack (license key gen)

- Improved: Add DOWNLOAD_PDF_FILE configuration setting
- Improved: UnFormatDateTime() supports format in "hh:mm AM/PM"
- Improved: Import records to table without primary key
- Improved: Add Option dialog with textarea
- Improved: Set textarea (with HTML editor) value by .value() of .fields() jQuery plugin
- Improved: Hide tooltip when datetime/time picker shows
- Improved: REST API login action returns more info
- Improved: REST API edit action for editing primary key
- Fixed: ADOdb MSSQL driver
- Fixed: View file if security not enabled
- Fixed: Checkbox id for boolean fields in Modal dialog
- Fixed: Error on copying file during generation
- Fixed: Check duplicate (for Oracle)
- Fixed: Color palette setup form for charts (UI)
- Many other minor improvements

Есть ли плагины для версии 2020?

PHPMaker 2020.0.13.1 + crack (keygen)

- other minor improvements

Цитата | Quote(Alex_2019)
Есть ли плагины для версии 2020?

К сожалению, плагинов к PHPMaker 2020 пока нет sad.gif
e-World Tech PHPMaker 2020.0.13.3 + crack (keygen)

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Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

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