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PHPMaker 2021.0.13


управление базой данных MySQL, tool SQL Server

Дата публикации: 26.04.2021 - 10:25
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PHP Maker 2020.0.14 + crack (license gen)

Цитата | Quote(PHPMaker 2020)
- Support connection to Azure Database for MySQL
- ScrollbarMode advanced setting (UI)
- Advanced settings for cookie
- Improved: Set up lookup setting for Date Interval
- Improved: Skip updating selection lists in Confirm page
- Improved: HTML-encode foreign key hidden values
- Improved: Consent page cookie expiry time
- Fixed: Save current filters for report (Server side)
- Fixed: Date/Time picker
- Fixed: REST API with security disabled
- Fixed: REST API file access without User Level security
- Fixed: Custom field setting on copying field settings
- Fixed: YouTubeVideos Custom View Tag
- Fixed: Siderbar for top navigation
- Updated: ADOdb v5.20.17
- Updated: AdminLTE v3.0.4
- Updated: OverlayScrollars 1.12.0
- Many other minor improvements

e-World Tech PHPMaker 2020.0.15 + crack (key gen)

- Add "permission" and "register" actions (REST API)
- Return "401 Unauthorized" if no permission (REST API)
- Support FormData with both normal fields and file upload fields (REST API)
- Support "Max Length (List page)" for memo fields (REST API)
- Support citext data type as text data type (PostgreSQL)
- Improved: Return Href Fields also in List page (REST API)
- Improved: Add custom headers in web.config (REST API)
- Improved: Add nav-child-indent class to menu
- Improved: File type checking with ContentType()
- Fixed: Custom file with relative path
- Fixed: Multi-language lookup request
- Fixed: YouTube Videos (Custom View Tag)
- Fixed: Validation of DateTime without seconds
- Fixed: Validation of User Level ID field when adding user level
- Fixed: Not including Href Fields for List page (REST API)
- Fixed: IMPORT_CSV_DELIMITER with escape character
- Many other minor improvements

e-World Tech PHPMaker 2020.0.15.1 + crack (key gen)

- other minor improvements
PHPMaker 2020.0.16 + crack (keygen)

- Improved: Handle zero values for master keys
- Improved: Add Lookup permission for "Allow View All" (User ID Security)
- Improved: Handle autoincrement user level ID field
- Improved: Secruity for "permission" action (REST API)
- Improved: Handle invalid JWT token (REST API)
- Fixed: Registration if user already exists (REST API)
- Fixed: Security for Anonymous Access (REST API)
- Fixed: Default extensions not enabled for new project
- Fixed: Captcha in change password page
- Updated: jQuery v3.5.1
- Updated: Bootstrap v4.5.0
- Updated: AdminLTE v3.0.5
- Many other minor improvements
PHPMaker 2021 + crack (patched)

Цитата | Quote(PHPMaker 2021)
PHPMaker 2021 is another huge upgrade from previous version. It is loaded with a bunch of new features, including many frequently requested ones. PHPMaker is probably the most powerful and flexible product of its kind, and yet still easy-to-use as always.

PHPMaker 2021.0.1 + crack (keygen)

Цитата | Quote
- Improved: DomainUrl() for HTTPS without port number in server variables
- Improved: Show page number as disabled in pager for modal page (Preview)
- Improved: Add "RewriteBase directive" advanced setting for .htaccess
- Improved: Handle UNC path as project folder when compiling .scss
- Improved: Check upload path for compiling container definitions
- Improved: Throw error if PhpEncrypt() failed
- Improved: Handle numbers in lookup field display value
- Improved: Return unauthorized for invalid token for API
- Fixed: Concatenate string in SQL according to database type
- Fixed: Tables with name starting with digit
- Fixed: "updatedone" event
- Fixed: Update encrypted password
- Fixed: BasePath() for sites without base path
- Fixed: Save current filter
- Fixed: "for" attribute for checkbox
- Fixed: Duplicate namespace for Custom File
- Fixed: Write audit trail to database
- Fixed: Default sort order
- Fixed: Encrypt user name and password
- Fixed: Routes with "Lowercase output file name" disabled
- Fixed: Execute scripts in templates (in code repo) for Custom Template
- Fixed: Custom Template for Multi-Page
- Fixed: Render upload files if insert/update cancelled
- Fixed: Output languages to JSON
- Many other minor improvements

PHPMaker 2021.0.2 + crack (key gen)

- Improved: Use password mask for password field
- Improved: Skip lookup for hidden fields on Add/Edit
- Improved: Session timeout message supports minutes (%m)
- Improved: Log insert/update/delete statements
- Improved: Detect .jpg file signature better
- Improved: Use ew*.min.js
- Improved: Check table names with control ID conflicts
- Improved: Disable save button on cancel
- Improved: Skip searching virtual field if not visible
- Improved: Add Config("DEBUG_MESSAGE_TEMPLATE")
- Improved: Trigger change by fields().value() (for Select2)
- Fixed: Failed to compile date time picker .scss
- Fixed: Validators
- Fixed: personaldata.php
- Fixed: ew.ajax()
- Fixed: Field upload path for API upload
- Fixed: Master/Detail with no detail records
- Fixed: Support for IE 11 (Custom Template not supported)
- Fixed: Generation error with views if URL connection (UI)
- Other minor improvements

Extension for PHPMaker 2021

Mirror / Зеркало
Mirror / Зеркало

password softoroom
PHPMaker 2021.0.3 + crack (keygen)

- Swagger UI for REST API at '/swagger/'
- New advanced setting "Use Swagger UI"
- GetUploadedFileNames() for accessing uploaded files by token returned by API
- Improved: JSON response for JWT error (API)
- Improved: Remove project ID in update permission action response (API)
- Improved: Support encrypted file path in file action (API)
- Fixed: Missing ew.vars.tables.<table> for some pages in Modals
- Fixed: Return page for List page
- Fixed: Page class lettercase for table pages and Register page (API)
- Fixed: Multiple delete response (API)
- Fixed: Hard-coded paths in autoload_static.php generated by composer (for UNC path)
- Updated: Bootstrap 4.5.3
- Updated: Chart.js 2.9.4
- Other minor improvements

PHPMaker 2021.0.4 + crack (keygen)

Improved: Detect image format
Improved: Sanitize search filter name
Improved: Check lookup permission in API permission middleware
Improved: Make sure allowed file types specified in lowercase
Fixed: Checkbox id
Fixed: "datetime" validator
Fixed: Export Master/Detail data
Fixed: DbChart constructor
Fixed: FileViewer with encrypted file path enabled
Fixed: Polyfill for Array.from (for IE only)
Fixed: Custom File (for .php without "Include common files")
Updated: JsRender v1.0.8
Updated: Composer-Setup.exe
Other minor improvements

PHPMaker 2021.0.5 + crack (keygen)

New advanced setting "Treat PHP warnings and notices as errors" for debugging
Improved: Sanitize URL in javascript
Improved: HTML-encode href attributes
Improved: Exception in class LdapConn
Improved: Check parent table of lookup fields
Improved: Create object with Container() by class name
Improved: Use table default sorting fields in preview page
Improved: Output Custom Template data for visible fields only
Improved: Not use global upload path for API CompiledContainer.php
Improved: Allow calling terminate() method of page object in Views
Fixed: AutoFill javascript error
Fixed: Log error with Debug enabled
Fixed: Lookup without security enabled
Fixed: PHP notices in Dashboard reports
Fixed: Lookup table with User ID Security
Fixed: Error message of invalid master key
Fixed: fetchAll() error in Multi-Update page
Fixed: Custom Template for master record page
Fixed: Detail key field as parent lookup field in Master/Detail-Edit
Fixed: Wrongly define class names for Custom File without "Include common files"
Fixed: JsRender source map
Other minor improvements

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