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PHPMaker 2021.0.13


управление базой данных MySQL, tool SQL Server

Дата публикации: 26.04.2021 - 10:25
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PHPMaker 2021.0.10 + crack (patched)

New advanced setting: "Check new version on start"
Improved: Check new version, download and install (UI)
Improved: Skip compiling .scss if error occurred (UI)
Improved: Check if PHP 7.3 for compatible Composer packages
Improved: Error handling for compressing .js file
Improved: Error handling of missing User ID field
Improved: Do not use @import in .scss for datetime picker
Improved: SQL expression for concatenating fields (MSSQL)
Improved: Check HTTPS if advanced setting "Cookie Secure" enabled
Improved: Show error message on backup failure
Fixed: Disable submit button during form submission
Fixed: Crosstab report with drilldown
Fixed: SELECT Edit Tag with parent field and "requires search" enabled
Fixed: PHP warnings when using Dynamic User Level Security
Fixed: Breadcrumb for Delete page of detail table
Fixed: Can not clear an advanced setting (UI)
Fixed: Check User ID field for user table (UI)
Fixed: Search multiple value for numeric fields in reports
Fixed: Page size selector for reports
Fixed: Multi-language field custom message
Fixed: Lookup field with parent table in non-Master/Detail pages
Updated: Time picker, JsRender, and PDFObject
Other minor improvements

Thank you
PHPMaker 2021.0.11 + crack (patched)

Add package.json for node modules
Improved: Use try/catch for insert/update()
Improved: CurrentPageUrl() for routes with arguments
Improved: Width of search field without second field input
Improved: PHPWord and PhpSpreadsheet extensions (for registered users)
Improved: Error handling in FixedHeaderTable extension (for registered users)
Fixed: Time picker
Fixed: Export to PDF
Fixed: "Requires search" for SELECT tag in Extended Search
Fixed: Escaping random key
Updated: jQuery 3.6.0
Other minor improvements

PHPMaker 2021 0.12 + crack (patched)

Improved: Set language phrase for client side
Improved: Add Options property for DbField class
Improved: Trigger "change" event for input element (Date/Time Picker extension)
Fixed: Export in iframe
Fixed: Generate Custom Template for selected fields
Fixed: Format short time in Edit page
Fixed: Form action
Fixed: Permission for Preview page
Fixed: Readonly file input
Fixed: Preview PDF file for BLOB field
Fixed: Set up current table if security disabled
Fixed: Modal dialog submitted twice
Fixed: BLOB field in Master page (PostgreSQL)
Updated: AdminLTE 3.1.0 (including Select2 4.0.13 and sweetalert2 v10.15.6)
Other minor improvements

PHPMaker 2021.0.13 + crack (patched)

Improved: Sync field max. length if field size changed (UI)
Improved: Avoid false positive by Windows Defender (UI)
Improved: Show progress when downloading template or new version (UI)
Improved: Replace CR+LF by <br> for memo fields
Improved: ScriptName(), SendEmail() and Email class
Improved: Use user ID for Audit Trail in Login/Logout pages
Fixed: Navbar bottom border
Fixed: Sidebar for all Navbar menu items
Fixed: Option Template for Select2
Fixed: Dynamic Selection List for 2nd search field in summary/crosstab reports
Fixed: 'BETWEEN' operator for report dropdown filter
Updated: TCPDF 6.4.1
Other minor improvements

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Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

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