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Ekahau Site Survey Pro 9.2.6


Программа измерения и моделирования wifi network plan

Дата публикации: 15.05.2020 - 02:04
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До какой версии действует лекарство?
А для 10 версии что-то есть?
Ekahau Site Survey Pro 9.2.6 + crack (license patch)

Цитата | Quote(Ekahau Site Survey Pro)
Release Date: February 20th, 2019
A critical Java update included in this version! What's so critical about this then? Hold on to your seats or ease the tension by reading to the first item on the "Fixed issues" section.
Mist access points names are now displayed in ESS.
Cisco Prime export has been updated to include all the latest Cisco access points.
Added separate filter for "Exclusion areas" in View-menu.
Alignment points are no longer removed from a floor if it's removed from a building. ESS only wants to help you, but sometimes it's a bit too eager for its own good!
Selecting BLE tool now properly toggles the "Bluetooth" filter automatically ON from View-menu
Fixed issues:
Fixed a critical crash issue related to switching between applications on macOS 10.14 (Mojave). Hence the aforementioned Java update!
Projects can no longer be saved with broken surveys without route points. The existential question here is that is a survey a survey without a route? Our answer is a definite "No".
Access point antenna orientation arrows scaling fixed on reporting. No more comically large or small arrows - only safe, visible and slightly boring moderate sized ones.
About-dialog no longer shows incorrect license information if an adapter, which ESS license has been attached to, is disconnected.
New access points, antennas and BLE beacons:
Aerohive AP122X
Aruba AP-515
Ruckus E510, R320 and R730

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Помогите не могу разобраться с архивом последней версии. 9.2.6. занимает почему то 198 мегабайт и архив не открывается. моожет у кого нибудь есть crack для этой версии.
Цитата | Quote(Sash_lav @ 15.10.2019 - 8:36)
Помогите не могу разобраться с архивом последней версии. 9.2.6. занимает почему то 198 мегабайт и архив не открывается.

нужно скачать обе части архива 7z.001 7z.002 и распаковать архиватором 7-zip.
Все ок. Спасибо.
Hi, I can read here there is a group buyed version 10.
I would like to plan a system with the newest cisco 9115/9120 ax AP what updated in this newest release. Could someone help what to do for this version? :-)
Две минуты работы в программе и вылетает синий экран, в чем проблема? И удаляется с ошибками
Что по 10-й версии? Может кто знает где достать эту прогу 10 версии или Tamograph? Нужно позарез смоделировать сеть на базе 802.11ax
Hi pals,
Has anyone made Ekahau v9.2.6 work ?
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