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Password Depot 14.0.5


менеджер паролей, user-friendly password manager

Дата публикации: 30.03.2020 - 20:18
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Password Depot 12 + crack (key patched)
ver. 12.0.6

Password Depot 12.0.7 + crack (license patched)

Mirror / Зеркало
Mirror / Зеркало

password softoroom
Password Depot 12.0.9 + crack (lic patched)

Цитата | Quote(Password Depot crack)
    Fixed a problem loading local policies in the Corporate Edition client.
    Improved clipboard history handling on some Windows 10 systems.
    Some other minor bugs and text problems have been fixed.

Mirror / Зеркало
Mirror / Зеркало

password softoroom
Password Depot 14.0.1 + crack (patched)

New encryption methods and key derivation functions with increased security have been introduced.
Support of WebDAV protocol for Internet servers was implemented.
Added support of multiple cloud servers via WebDAV protocol including Magenta Cloud, GMX MediaCenter, WEB.DE Online-Storage, freenet Cloud, Strato HiDrive, pCloud, Yandex Disk, and others.
Added options for automatic cleaning of the Recycle Bin.
Improved synchronization of databases.
Multiple enhancements in the user interface.
Installer command line options for default database and connection settings.
Support of several user interface themes.
Improved search functionality.
Video tutorial for quick start with Password Depot.
New entry type: TeamViewer.
Support of 64 bit architecture.
Optional password for protected connections from external extensions.
Improved settings for printing.
Extended settings for PuTTY entries.
Numerous other improvements and optimizations!

Password Depot 14.0.3 + crack (patched)

Improved handling of unexpected disconnections to Password Depot Enterprise Server.
Fixed the problem of creating multiple versions of the same file during upload to the Dropbox Cloud.
Several graphical and textual issues in the user interface were fixed.
Minor errors were fixed.

Password Depot 14.0.4 + crack (patched)

Major revision of the French and Spanish user interface translation.
Corporate Edition: After the first installation only the connection to Password Depot Enterprise Server is available.
Various bug fixes on the user interface.

Password Depot 14.0.5 + crack (patched)

Improved initialization of program settings on the client.
New option for automatic background synchronization with the Enterprise Server when reconnected.
Several bugs and user interface problems were fixed.

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