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Ant Download Manager PRO 1.17.1


менеджер загрузки с интегрированием, downloader fast

Дата публикации: 12.02.2020 - 12:25
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Ant Download Manager Pro 1.15.1 + crack (patched)
Build 64463

added video animation of the download
added a few new featuries to general software settings
updated scheduler
updated subtitle parsing
updated ytparser and downloader of video files
updated Video Button. Now the color of Video Button depends on AntDM color theme.
fixed parser for youku.com
fixed parser for html5player
fixed copy\past\edit of downloading file name in the download form
fixed chrome and firefox extensions
fixed video capture for tiktok.com
refactoring and bug fix

Ant Download Manager Pro 1.16 + crack (key patched)
Build 65940

added queues according to numerous user requests
updated parser of m3u8 stream protocol (#EXT-X-BYTERANGE)
updated the capture of URL address from Clipboard
fixed chrome extension
fixed subtitle encoding
fix creating MP3 ID3V2 info
fixed disappearance of video file after download (renaming its to tmp file)
refactoring and bug fix

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Ant Download Manager Pro 1.16.1 + crack (patched)
Build 66021

updated download engine
updated download dialog window
updated video parser (added support STREAM_OTF tag)
fixed possible crash while a video file downloading
refactoring and bug fix

Mirror / Зеркало
Mirror / Зеркало

password softoroom
Ant Download Manager Pro 1.17 + crack (patched)
Build 66832

due to new Firefox browser requirements changed the way to integrate into browsers
added support Iridium Browser
updated Firefox add-on
updated System Tray notification
fixed bug of saving stream video files to a folder which contains folders and files with unicode characters
fixed download video from instagram.com
refactoring and bug fix

Ant Download Manager Pro 1.17.1 + crack (patched)

added export\import software settings
updated video parser
updated chrome extension
updated Italian translation. Thanks to Bovirus for the helpful comments and corrections.
fixed parsing of ytplaylist
fixed extension for the new version of Vivaldi
deleted WPCap driver support (it's anachronism in current time)
refactoring and bug fix

Black Avenger
Недолом. После применения лечения и первого запуска программа моментально переходит из состояния Registered в Unregistered.
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