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программа для захвата изображений, Screen Capture Soft

Дата публикации: 27.01.2020 - 18:42
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SnagIt 7.2.5 + сrack + rus

user posted image

ph34r.gif SnagIt 8.0

Downloads (~13 Mb)_http://download.techs...enu/snagit.exe
TechSmith SnagIt 8.0.1 + Key

Changes in SnagIt v8.0.1, 29 March, 2006:
- Fixed crash bug associated with SnagIt's Classic View.
- Fixed crash when trying to save to PDF in Catalog Browser.
- Fixed crash bug when selecting "Edit Popup Text" button several times.
- Fixed crash bug when trying to capture the "Page Setup" dialog in SnagIt Editor.
- Fixed slow startup problems.
- Fixed the "Unable to capture input" issue.
- Fixed problem with colors being ruined when saving as a GIF.
- Fixed image resolution problem when copying an image from MS Word into SnagIt Editor.

Сайт программы

Скачать программу ~ 13.4Mb
TechSmith SnagIt 8.0.2

Changes in SnagIt v8.0.2, 6 June, 2006:
- Updated French, German, Japanese and Korean versions for SnagIt 8.0.
- Fixed the "Unable to capture input" issue.

Размер: 13.3 MB

user posted image
Руссификатор от PuB3 для SnagIt 8.0.2
TechSmith SnagIt 8.1.0 + KeyGen

Changes in 11 July, 2006: SnagIt v8.1.0 :
- Added support for Windows XP Professional x64.
- Added the ability to insert Flash content into MS PowerPointand MS Word.
- Added access to profiles through the system tray icon.
- Updated the PowerPoint add-in with a new Flash button for inserting Flash into PowerPoint.
- Updated the COM server with all of SnagIt's latest features.
- Changed the callout tool to create vector objects.
- Changed the selection tool to allow filters and effects to be applied to multiple selections of an image.
- Fixed problem that OpenType fonts weren't available for the text tool.
- Fixed bug where the system tray balloon tip was displaying in the wrong location.
- Fixed SnagIt's slow startup problem.
- Dropped support for Windows NT 4.

user posted imageСкачать/Download: ~ 13.4Mb

user posted imageKeyGen в Аттаче
TechSmith SnagIt 8.2.0 + KeyGen

NEW in SnagIt 8.2.0:
- Added support for Windows Vista and Office 2007.
- Added MS Office outputs for MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
- Added support for adding, managing, and removing new SnagIt accessories (outputs, inputs, filters, etc.)
- Added callout styles: plain, shaded, and glassy.
- Enhanced the print setup dialog and print preview.
- Enhanced printing quality and ease-of-use to approximately print images as they appear on the screen.
- Fixed the issue where SnagIt appears to stop responding during object capture with PowerPoint.
- Fixed a problem with installing and using the SnagIt Printer on a Terminal Server Environment.
- Fixed a crash bug when saving multiple images to a PDF.
- Fixed the issue where vector objects were not moving when using the Join command.
- Dropped support for Windows 98 and Me.

user posted imageСкачать/Download: ~ 14Mb

user posted imageЗеркало/Mirror:

user posted imageKeyGen в Аттаче

Присоединённый файл Скачать / Download attachment 3866

Как правильно скачать с Аттача? Читаем Здесь!!!
QUOTE(SLIDER @ 5.12.2006 - 19:04)
TechSmith SnagIt 8.2.0

Появился русификатор!Налетай:

SnagIt v8.2.1


TechSmith SnagIt 8.2.2 + Serial

Changes in SnagIt 8.2.2:
- Updated the French version of SnagIt 8.2.0.
- Fixed the bug where SnagIt removes ole32.dll registry keys.
- Fixed the problem of pasting into SnagIt Editor from the SnagIt Preview Window.

user posted imageСкачать/Download: ~ 14Mb

user posted imageЗеркало/Mirror:

user posted imageSerial
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