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Дата публикации: 19.07.2020 - 16:57
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MobaXterm Pro 12 + crack (license key gen)
Version 12.0 (2019-07-28)

Цитата | Quote(MobaXterm 12)
    New feature: added a new prompt for local terminal with GIT branch and other useful information
    Improvement: added support for ECDSA and ED25519 keys for SSH tunnels and gateways
    Improvement: embedded X server updated to latest Xorg source code
    Improvement: X11 applications have a new default icon which is different from MobaXterm main icon
    Improvement: X server speed has been improved using unused features clean up
    Improvement: embedded terminal has been rebuilt from latest PuTTY source code
    Improvement: new setting allows to set X server DPI or to set it to "stretch mode" on High DPI displays
    Improvement: when pasting multiple lines, a popup window allows you to edit the clipboard content
    Improvement: multiple gateways or tunnels connected to the same host use the same SSH connection transport for single authentication
    Improvement: increased startup speed by deferring creation of "Settings" and "Sessions" windows
    Improvement: when checking "KeepAlive" option, it activates SshKeepAlive but not TCPKeepAlive by default in SSH sessions, tunnels and gateways
    Improvement: improved compatibility of MobaXterm terminal with WSL distributions
    Improvement: added a new X11 DPI setting in order to force X server DPI value (useful for HighDPI monitors)
    Improvement: added YAML syntax coloration in MobaTextEditor
    Improvement: added KDE and GNOME in the list of desktop environments for WSL
    Improvement: auto-detection of any desktop environment you may have installed in WSL (WFCE4, LXDE, MATE, KDE, ...)
    Improvement: added a Customizer setting in order to choose the same folder as application for slash/home directories
    Improvement: WSL distributions can now run even if MobaXterm is started from a USB thumb drive
    Improvement: after installing a package using apt-get, the man pages can now be rendered using the built-in "man" command
    Improvement: improved compatibility of MobaTextEditor with HighDPI monitors
    Improvement: improved terminal support for Powershell and Cmd
    Improvement: improved man pages for tools downloaded using apt-get
    Improvement: better integration of GIT and CURL commands into the local terminal
    Improvement: slightly modified default terminal theme, colors have been softened for a modernized look and feel
    Bugfix: Gnome3 and latest version of KDE now start properly with latest Xserver update
    Bugfix: prevented tunnels from starting twice when pressing "Start all tunnels" while some tunnels have "Connecting" status
    Bugfix: fixed a potential bug which could prevent MobaXterm from stopping when a SSH tunnel is in "not-fully-started" state
    Bugfix: tried to avoid garbled graphics in "Sessions" and "Params" windows and to be robust to potential graphic adapters or graphic drivers failures
    Bugfix: limited paste buffer size to prevent terminal from crashing if the paste buffer is too big
    Bugfix: avoided a potential issue when closing MobaXterm while a Web Browser session is running
    Bugfix: the HTTP or SOCKS proxy type was not properly saved in Telnet sessions
    Bugfix: fixed an issue with tab colors which occured when unselecting a color or duplicating an existing colored tab
    Bugfix: fixed a potential bug which could prevent connecting to FTPS server with TLS enabled
    Bugfix: fixed a potential issue with macros containing "percent" character, when macro was created in "Sessions" window
    Bugfix: in WSL sessions, the "USER" environment variable was incorrectly set to the distribution name instead of the user name
    Bugfix: main window had some random issues with borders being shifted by a few pixels instead of sticking to Windows desktop edges
    Bugfix: fixed a potential issue with a window displayed when no SSH server name or IP address was provided
    Bugfix: fixed a display issue when editing a SSH tunnel with a username containing "@" characters
    Bugfix: fixed the CURL command with https websites
    Bugfix: fixed completion for GIT commands in the ZSH 64-bits package
    Bugfix: you can now select and edit multiple files in the SSH-browser
    Bugfix: fixed an issue with FVWM2 startup and X server

portable + setup
MobaXterm Pro 12.1 + crack (key gen)

Цитата | Quote(MobaXterm)
Version 12.1 (2019-08-05)
    Bugfix: corrected SSH connection failures caused by hardware accelerated encryption
    Bugfix: in some specific cases, local terminal output was garbled after a commandline SSH connection and a network error during SSH communication
    Bugfix: fixed "ldd" command which was missing some DLLs in its listing
    Bugfix: fixed an issue in Windows colors selection dialog resulting in black color being applied in case of dialog failure
    Bugfix: fixed an issue with the "cmd" command when it was started from a local terminal
    Bugfix: fixed an issue with backslash characters being duplicated in SSH sessions "Execute command" field
    Bugfix: fixed an issue with backslash characters being duplicated in SSH sessions "Username" field

portable + setup

MobaXterm Pro 12.2 + crack (lic-gen)

Цитата | Quote(MobaXterm 12.2)
    Improvement: slightly modified foreground text color for ls results in order for the text on green background to be readable
    Improvement: improved speed of command line SCP and SFTP clients
    Improvement: better detection of /tmp folder for SSH random seed temporary file
    Improvement: added a Customizer parameter which allows to disable X11 auto-start feature
    Improvement: added a Customizer parameter which allows to disable X11 server feature completely
    Improvement: improved multi-monitor support with enhanced "save window position" feature
    Improvement: added an error message when a connection through a gateway fails because of network failure between client and gateway
    Improvement: brought back the "backspace sends Ctrl+H" global setting as many users need it when SSHing from local terminal
    Improvement: added some additional checks in order to prevent remote monitoring from being launched several times if SSH connection is too slow
    Bugfix: fixed some SSH agent failures with commandline SSH client and SSH key encryption size greater than 2048 bits
    Bugfix: fixed a potential issue with some antivirus programs when running CMD or POWERSHELL session within MobaXterm terminal
    Bugfix: fixed a bug with RDP sessions, when "HighDPI adaptation" mode and SSH gateway options were set
    Bugfix: fixed a status line length bug with Byobu on Ubuntu 18.04
    Bugfix: removed the limit in paste buffer, huge paste operations are now performed by chunks to prevent pipes overflows
    Bugfix: fixed a potential issue with window closed unexpectedly during Browser sessions
    Bugfix: fixed tunnels auto-reconnection feature which failed after network connection cut
    Bugfix: fixed crash issues with SSH tunnels and gateways, especially after waking up Windows from sleep/hibernate mode
    Bugfix: fixed a connection issue with some Huawei routers which require RSA hostkey first in hostkeys list

portable + install
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Mirror / Зеркало
Mirror / Зеркало

password softoroom
MobaXterm Professional Edition 12.3 + crack (license gen)

Security fix: prohibited the use of URL which do not correspond to a MobaXterm session (fixes CVE-2019-16305)
Security fix: added a comprehensive warning message when opening a session from an URL. This message contains details about the session to be launched and a warning concerning the URL provider.
Bugfix: in the password management window, after showing passwords and closing the form, the password fields are now automatically hidden
Bugfix: RDP size was not calculated properly when launching a remote desktop session while the SSH remote monitoring toolbar was active
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portable + install
MobaXterm Pro 12.4 + crack (license Pro)

New feature: added a new "dark theme" which is much more reactive than the old skins as it is based on Windows native controls
Improvement: increased the SSH-browser sorting speed, in order to avoid MobaXterm slowdowns when listing folders contents
Improvement: color of the "+" button on the tabs bar changes when mouse hovers it
Improvement: themes can now be applied from the global settings window without restarting MobaXterm
Improvement: enhanced drawing speed of files and folders icons into SSH-browser
Improvement: improvements in popup windows for better compatibility with multiple monitors
Improvement: enhanced graphical controls painting speed when their background is not transparent
Improvement: better detection of core files which had been created with another account and are not writable
Improvement: eliminated some flickering effects from the tabs-based graphical components
Bugfix: prevented SSH-browser to switch to SCP mode when using keyboard-interactive authentication without 2 factor authentication
Bugfix: prevented some issues when running MobaXterm from OneDrive folder and using it with several different computers or accounts
Bugfix: when ctrl+clicking on an URL into the terminal, the URL was not properly detected if its last character was a slash
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MobaXterm Pro 20 + crack (keygen)

Цитата | Quote(MobaXterm 20)
Improvement: by default, MobaXterm autodetects if Windows is in bright or dark mode and adapts its default settings accordingly
Improvement: increased MobaXterm startup speed and removed splash screen when using an installed version or a persistent slash folder
Improvement: increased MobaXterm closing speed, by replacing a very slow Windows folder cleanup function by some enhanced code
Improvement: added an option in the "Display" tab of global settings window in order to choose if you want to round out borders for tabs
Improvement: MobaXterm now allows you to use a Master Password even on Home Edition
Improvement: use of Master Password is now mandatory for your stored passwords
Improvement: added a "Remember me on this computer" option in the Master Password prompt at MobaXterm startup
Improvement: when setting a graphic theme in the Customizer, the chosen theme is previewed in the Customizer itself
Improvement: enhanced tabs bar (paint speed, antialiased rendering) and macros sidebar (paint speed, antiflickering)
Improvement: added a new setting in macros edition in order to select the delay which will be used between each simulated keystroke
Improvement: when recording a new macro, MobaXterm now tries to detect the command you typed and propose a macro title accordingly
Improvement: several small improvements in macros edition window: decreased default delay, minified text for INI storage
Improvement: added a new "apt-get" command which is faster and easier to use
Improvement: if you type an unknown command in local BASH terminal, MobaXterm detects if it can be installed using apt-get
Improvement: when dark mode is activated, SFTP and FTP sessions now use dark theme for graphic widgets
Improvement: added a small border around the terminal in order to ease mouse selection
Improvement: better detection of minimum window width in order to set the terminal size to 80 columns and 24 lines by default
Improvement: decreased CPU consumption of terminals, especially when syntax highlighting is turned on
Improvement: upgraded MoTTY by backporting the latest PuTTY modifications
Improvement: improved speed of shared sessions refresh, especially when there are many saved sessions
Improvement: improved speed of new session creation, especially when there are many saved sessions
Improvement: improved speed of session name change, especially when there are many saved sessions
Improvement: auto-detection of UTF-8 character set in FTP sessions
Improvement: prevented some incompatibilities when running MobaXterm from Dropbox or Google Drive folder with multiple accounts
Improvement: enhanced auto-detection of Cisco/HPE/Comware network devices in order to adjust SSH session settings
Improvement: default GIT_EDITOR variable has been set to MobaTextEditor (this can be changed in user ".profile" script)
Improvement: added native support for Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) on ARM computers

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portable + install
MobaXterm Pro 20.1 + crack (license serial gen)

Цитата | Quote(MobaXterm 20.1)
    Improvement: fixed some slowness issues when a stored SSH key is located on a network share that no more exists
    Improvement: SSH connections to inconsistent servers that send improper SSH signature are tried in SSHv2 by default
    Improvement: added some more supported screen resolutions for RDP sessions
    Improvement: use a light color by default in Powershell sessions for command line switches, in order to make them more readable
    Bugfix: a master password was requested at each startup when passwords were stored in MobaXterm whereas the option to store passwords was set to "never"
    Bugfix: fixed the display of serial (COM) sessions speed which could be wrong when switching between different sessions with different speeds
    Bugfix: fixed a typo in the master password window ("loose" instead of "lose")
    Bugfix: fixed a connection issue with SSH keys, when inconsistent passphrase was stored into MobaXterm

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portable + install
MobaXterm 20.2 Pro + crack (lic gen)

Improvement: better detection of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) when authentication code is requested before password
Improvement: the download location of SSH-browser is now remembered after restarting MobaXterm
Improvement: the screensaver has been updated in order to decrease CPU consumption
Improvement: the penguins of the screensaver have been updated for HighDPI monitors support
Improvement: improved compatibility with screen and tmux by specifing a proper default folder for their socket
Improvement: added a new "Use icons cache" setting in order to improve MobaXterm graphical interface speed
Bugfix: when upgrading, the MSI installer sometimes deleted old files without installing new ones
Bugfix: fixed a crash in remote monitoring bar which occured when messages received from remote server were too long
Bugfix: fixed a leap year bug in FTP/SFTP sessions which occured only on 29th of february
Bugfix: the dropdown session tree (under the yellow "Sessions" button) was sometimes not updated after a session modification

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install + portable
MobaXterm Professional Edition 20.3 + crack (license)

» Changelog MobaXterm 20.3 «

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