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MobaXterm Pro 20.6


терминал с X server, terminal for Windows

Дата публикации: 29.11.2020 - 21:20
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MobaXterm Pro Edition 20.5 + crack (license)

Improvement: suppressed the confirmation message when you close the local terminal under Wine
Improvement: several small speed improvements at startup, but also in secondary windows
Bugfix: typing ESCAPE key in a detached window no longer closes the window
Bugfix: in split mode, resizing an SSH session terminal had no effect if the remote monitoring was enabled

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MobaXterm Про 20.6 + кряк (лицензия)

Improvement: MobaTextEditor can now auto-detect UTF-8 text files which do not contain any BOM ("Byte Order Mark") header
Improvement: MobaTextEditor auto-detects encoding when opening a file and will use it when saving the file if the encoding has not been changed manually in the meantime
Improvement: you can now search backward in files by using Shift+F3 keyboard shortcut in MobaTextEditor
Improvement: increased speed of search in MobaTextEditor, especially when you choose to highlight all results
Improvement: MobaTextEditor can now be closed with the ESCAPE key
Improvement: added support for v4 signatures for Amazon AWS S3 sessions
Improvement: added support for buckets regions auto-detection for Amazon AWS S3 sessions
Improvement: the "Browse for folder" feature speed has been improved in MobaTextEditor
Bugfix: removed an "unspecified error" which occurred in RDP sessions under Windows 7
Bugfix: fixed an incorrect remote desktop resolution in RDP sessions, when "Adapt remote DPI" setting was checked
Bugfix: when creating or duplicating a macro, the macros list was not properly refreshed

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Pages: 1, 2, 3

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