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JProfiler 11.1.2


тестирование Java (JVMPI), Winning All-in-One Java

Дата публикации: 13.03.2020 - 23:17
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JProfiler 11.1.1 + crack (keygen)
Build 11141

Bugs fixed:
•Regression in 11.0: Limited timers with count 1 did not work for offline profiling
•Linux/Unix: The JProfiler UI could not be started with Java 8u242 because of an NPE that was thrown at startup
•macOS: The jpexport command line utility threw a HeadlessException when run with a non-Jetbrains-JRE
•Quick attach: When using the filter text field, the wrong process was attached to
•Expansion tool popups for long items in lists, trees and tables only worked on the primary monitor
•Fixed an obfuscation problem with the profiling platform that prevented native library loading
•The sample for the profiling platform had missing dependencies
•The JProfiler samples could not be started from the command line in read-only locations, such as in the directory created by the Windows installer


JProfiler 11.1.2 + crack (key gen)

New features:
• HTTP requests probe: Added support for OkHttp 4.4 and Apache HttpClient 5.0
• MongoDB probe: Added support for the 4.0 Java driver
Bugs fixed


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Pages: 1, 2

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