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: 29.07.2019 - 22:39

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description (en) JProfiler The Award-Winning All-in-One Java Profiler. JProfiler's intuitive UI helps you resolve performance bottlenecks, pin down memory leaks and understand threading issues.

When it comes to profiling, only the best tool is good enough.
Check out below what makes JProfiler 10 the top choice for profiling your applications on the JVM:
  • Exceptional ease of use
    When you profile, you need the most powerful tool you can get. At the same time, you do not want to spend time learning how to use the tool. JProfiler is just that: simple and powerful at the same time. Configuring sessions is straight-forward, third party integrations make getting started a breeze and profiling data is presented in a natural way. On all levels, JProfiler 10 crack has been carefully designed to help you get started with solving your problems.
  • Database profiling for JDBC, JPA and NoSQL
    Database calls are the top reasons for performance problems in business applications. JProfiler's JDBC and JPA/Hibernate probes as well as the NoSQL probes for MongoDB, Cassandra and HBase show the reasons for slow database access and how slow statements are called by your code. From the JDBC timeline view that shows you all JDBC connections with their activities, through the hot spots view that shows you slow statements to various telemetry views and a list of single events, the database probes are an essential tool for getting insight into your database layer.
  • Excellent support for Java Enterprise Edition
    Dedicated support for JEE is present in most views in JProfiler key. For example, in the JEE aggregation level you see the call tree in terms of the JEE components in your application. In addition, the call tree is split up for each request URI. Also, JProfiler adds a semantic layer on top of the low-level profiling data, like JDBC, JPA/Hibernate, JMS and JNDI calls that are presented in the CPU profiling views. With its JEE support, JProfiler bridges the gap between a code profiler and a high-level JEE monitoring tool.
  • Higher level profiling data
    JProfiler reset trial has a number of probes that show you higher level data from interesting subsystems in the JRE. In addition to the Java EE subsystems like JDBC, JPA/Hibernate, JSP/Servlets, JMS, web services and JNDI, JProfiler also presents high level information about RMI calls, files, sockets and processes. Each of these probes has its own set of useful views that gives you general insight, highlights performance problems and allows you to trace single events. And what's more, all these views are also available for your own custom probes that you can configure on the fly within JProfiler 10.
  • Stellar analysis of memory leaks
  • Extensive QA capabilities
  • Broadest support for platforms, IDEs and application servers
  • Low overhead
  • The powerful CPU profiler
  • The integrated thread profiler

Interface languages: En
OS: Windows 10/8/7 (32bit-64bit)
Homepage: www.ej-technologies.com
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JProfiler 10.1.3 + crack (serial)

| Quote( JProfiler 10 1 3 )
New features:
    Support for MongoDB 3.8
Bugs fixed:
    If an exception during remote attach had a null message, an exception was thrown and the original error was not reported
    Overview telemetries: If the value of the maximum label had a value of 1, it was displayed with an incorrect unit
    Support for running the JProfiler UI and its command line tools with Java 10 and Java 11
    Allocation recording notice in the heap walker allocation views was broken
    Prevent crash when a class is loaded in a different versions where the super/sub class relationship is reversed
    Exporting the entire tree in call tree analysis views made the UI hang
    Remote attach with an SSH multi-hop tunnel could fail if local host name resolution was different from that of intermediate hops
    IDEA plugin: Support source code navigation for Kotlin 1.2.60+
    IDEA plugin: Fixed exception when opening JProfiler snapshots from IDEA with recent IDEA versions

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JProfiler 10.1.4 + crack (key)

| Quote( JProfiler 10.1 4)
New features:
    Support for profiling OpenJ9 JVMs for Java 9+
Bugs fixed:
    On macOS, an explicit update check could throw an NPE under some circumstances
    Opening a session in a frame where a custom probe view with call tree analyses was open previously would throw an exception and break the UI
    Custom probes compiled with -target 11 did not work

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JProfiler 10.1.5 + crack (license)
Build 10238

| Quote( JProfiler )
Release 10.1.5 2019-01-11
Bugs fixed:
    Fixed an exception when running the JProfiler GUI with Java 11
    Fixed a crash when profiling a Java 11 JVM with class data sharing (CDS) enabled
    Fixed a crash with classes generated by Mozilla Rhino
    Fixed a crash when taking a heap dump with an IBM JVM
    Fixed an IndexOutOfBoundException during heap dump parsing

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JProfiler 10.1.6 + crack (serial)

| Quote( JProfiler 10.1.6 )
Bugs fixed


JProfiler 11 + crack (license serial gen)

| Quote( JProfiler 11.0 )
New features:
HTTP probe for outgoing requests
Remote request tracking for HTTP requests
"Inline Async executions" call tree analysis for call tree and hot spot views
Automatic detection of tracking types that would yield data in the currently profiled JVM
Async tracking status display above call tree views with relevant actions
Detect whether calls in non-profiled classes would create async calls and offer to record them
Async tracking for Kotlin Coroutines
New light and dark look and feels based on IntelliJ IDEA with HighDPI support for Windows and Linux
Non-interactive mode for jpcontroller
Automatic filter detection for IDE integrations
Allocation sampling
Restructured session settings dialog without the separate "Profiling settings" dialog
Default settings for new sessions on the "Session defaults" tab of the general settings dialog
The "Method call recording" tab of the default settings includes an option to switch off the "instrumentation or sampling" question for new sessions
Action to copy selected setting categories from other sessions in the session settings dialog
Less verbose and more human-readable config file format that does not write default settings
Ask the user whether to keep the previous settings when attaching to a JVM that is already profiled with different settings
Bugs fixed:


JProfiler 11.0.1 + crack (key gen)

| Quote(JProfiler)
New features:
    Support for profiling Java 13+
    Configurable custom UI font and high-contrast timeline colors in the general settings dialog
    HTTP probe: Support for OkHttp 4.0, RESTEasy 4.1
    Cassandra probe: Support for Cassandra 4.0
    JDBC probe: JDBC driver support for Oracle 19.2, Db2 11.5
    Linux/Unix installer now creates file associations
    Notarized binary for macOS
    Improved error handling for truncated HPROF snapshots
Bugs fixed:
    The Windows ZIP archives did not have HiDPI enabled
    The JProfiler UI did not have per-monitor DPI awareness
    Fixed various UI problems with fractional HiDPI
    Attach mode did not work on Linux ARM
    Working directory was changed when profiling with the NetBeans plugin
    HTTP probe: With the Java 11 HTTP client, recorded times of error events for async connections could be wrong
    The time axis for the probe telemetries had a wrong offset in some scenarios
    Probes: The control objects view did not have a "Show row details" action




JProfiler 11.0.2 + crack (key)
Build 11072



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