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DoogiePim 2.2


Персональный менеджер информации, information manager

Дата публикации: 02.09.2020 - 10:25
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описание (ru) DoogiePim - Ваш персональный менеджер информации.
doogiePIM - это элегантная, универсальная, настраиваемая и дружественная система управления информацией с отличным качеством. Все записи данных могут быть связаны в многомерной цепочке.
Многофункциональный набор функций, которые объединяются в удобный персональный менеджер информации.

description (en) doogiePIM is a web browser and personal information manager with a difference - it's an elegant, versatile, customisable and friendly system with the ability to securely help you manage your daily tasks with ease.

doogiePIM has your privacy in mind. It doesn't use an unsecure Cloud, it stores your data using strong encryption on your disk of choice - nowhere else.

The web browsing component has a bookmarks manager complete with a full featured built-in advert blocking web browser, and a password Vault for keeping all your sensitive information in a highly secure environment.

How can you actually use this?
A fully integrated environment solution for managing and organising; Contacts, Finance, Appointments, Tasks, Notes, Daily Journals, Events, Inventory and Email messages; it makes managing and organising your data a breeze, and you can take it with you on a fully portable USB disk.

doogiePIM is a favorite tool used by web researchers, brain-stormers, writers, bloggers, small businesses, role-play gamers, social networkers and more. doogiePIM is powered by your imagination.

An All-In-One set of features that merge beautifully together into a user-friendly Personal Information Manager and your daily use Web Browser.

Interface languages: En, Ru
OS: Windows 10/8/7 (32bit-64bit)
Homepage: bitespire.com
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Цитата | Quote(doogiePIM history)
        Security | Updated Blink rendering engine to 75.0.3770.100.
        Fix | Entering a domain with .pl extension correctly attempts connection to the site rather than run a search.
        Fix | Import contact vCard fills in information from previous import.
        Enhancement | Copyright year changed in About dialog.
        Fix | Cosmetics in encryption picker of encrypt files.
        Fix | Export Calendar events as CSV.
        Fix | "NoteDetail" in View menu should say "Related Links".
        Enhancement | "Tabs to show at startup" has been replaced with a single selector instead of radio buttons.
        Fix | Cosmetic issue in the combo dropdown.

DoogiePim 2.2 + crack (license key)

Цитата | Quote(doogiePIM
    Security | Updated browser rendering engine to 84.0.4147.104.
    Security | PPAPI Flash player options removed from Settings. Flash will officially retire in December 2020.
    New Feature | Improved playback of embedded video on Twitter, Facebook, BBC, YouTube, etc.
    Fix | Web page stability improvements and fixes.
    Fix | Back button now enables correctly on a new tab.
    Fix | Switching to FullScreen video mode when desktop spans over monitors of different resolutions.
    Fix | The trust between doogiePIM and Google for logging into Gmail, YouTube, etc. has been re-established. We are friends again. wink.gif
    Fix | Sometimes closing a web browser tab or closing an extra window thinks you want to close the main window.
    Enhancement | Default Spreadsheet background colour is now lighter by default when used in a dark theme.
    Fix | Print of spreadsheet removes background.
    Enhancement | Default page tab size increased, showing more title text.
    Fix | New Windo

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