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Wing IDE Pro 7.2.2


полнофункциональный Python IDE full-featured

Дата публикации: 31.03.2020 - 10:48
Wing IDE Professional

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описание (ru) Wing IDE Professional является полнофункциональной Python IDE, разработанной для профессиональных разработчиков. Он включает в себя мощные функции редактирования, анализа кода, рефакторинга, отладки, поиска, модульного тестирования, управления проектами, контроля версий и функции удалённой разработки.

В Wing IDE редактор кода выполнен весьма профессионально, поддерживается фолдинг кода (сворачивание отдельных участков, не нужных в настоящий момент и только загромождающих экран), автоматическая подсветка пар скобок. Поскольку язык программирования Python, для которого и создана Wing IDE, отличается от большинства других широко распространённых языков тем, что отступы являются в нём управляющими конструкциями, то Wing IDE имеет специальную поддержку работы с отступами. Отладчик в Wing IDE имеет специальную поддержку Zope и Plone. Имеется поддержка вычисления выражений в процессе отладки, так что можно определить, правильное значение имеет переменная или же в программе что-то пошло не так, как должно было пойти.

description (en) Wing IDE Professional is a full-featured Python IDE designed for professional developers. It includes powerful editing, code intelligence, refactoring, debugging, search, unit testing, project management, revision control, and remote development features.

Get More Done
Type less and let Wing worry about the details. Get immediate feedback by writing your Python code interactively in the live runtime. Easily navigate code and documentation.
Write Better Code
Avoid common errors and find problems early with assistance from Wing's deep Python code analysis. Keep code clean with smart refactoring and code quality inspection.
Find Bugs Faster
Debug any Python code. Inspect debug data and try out bug fixes interactively without restarting your app. Work locally or on a remote host, VM, or container.

Wingware's 20 years of Python IDE experience bring you a more Pythonic development environment. Wing was designed from the ground up for Python, written in Python, and is extensible with Python. So you can be more productive.

Interface languages: En
OS: Windows 10/8/7 (64bit)
Homepage: wingware.com
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macOS -
Wing IDE Pro 7.1.3 + crack (serial gen)

Цитата | Quote(CHANGELOG Wing IDE 7.1.3)
* Fix working interactively with matplotlib 3.1.1
* Allow Open from Project and similar navigation commands also from non-Browse mode in vi mode
* Don't warn that __path__ is undefined in a module
* Don't warn about undefined name, attribute, or import if found in a try/except that
  explicitly handles the exception
* Fix svn diff when using -dev version of svn
* Fix debugger failure to inspect data when __len__ is implemented in Python
* Fix key bindings when there is no keyboard focus in the IDE, such as after just closing all editors
* Fix failure to start debugger on some Macs
* Fix runtime introspection of attribute types in Python 3
* Fix debugger crashing when inspecting some mock objects
* Don't find warnings in a file when no editor is visible
* Fix debugging with the WingDBG product in some versions of Zope/Plone
* Fix naming of the debugger package in the Raspberry Pi How-To
* Fix typo and urls in Flask How-To
* Fix background of .dmg files
* Fix installing remote agent from .rpm or .deb installations


Wingware Wing IDE Professional 7.2 + crack (key gen)
RC 1

Цитата | Quote(Wing IDE)
* Add on-demand and automatic reformatting with Black and YAPF
* Improved support for virtualenv
* Support for Anaconda environments
* Add the option to launch the debugger for a named module (using python -m) in
  Named Entry Points and when launching individual files
* Allow setting Python Executable for Project Properties and Launch Configurations
  to a command line that includes arguments
* Easier externally-launched debug configuration
  * Eliminate the need to specify Allowed Hosts and Location Map
  * Eliminate the need to copy a security token into place by prompting
    the user to accept or deny unknown debugger connection security tokens
  * Allow setting WINGDB_SECURITYTOKEN or setting kSecurityToken in wingdbstub to
    directly provide the security token to use for debugging; the default is to
    look up the token in the user settings directory or same directory as
    wingdbstub.py if that is being used
* Add Editor > Selection/Caret > Scrolling Content Lines  preference to control
  the number of lines of context shown above or below the caret when the editor
  is auto-scrolled to a new position
* Added GetPythonExecutableProperties to the CAPIProject scripting API for
  inspecting Python interpreters


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Wing IDE Pro 7.2.2 + crack (license key gen)

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