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Дата публикации: 15.11.2020 - 19:57
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Holdem Manager 3.1.12 + crack (license loader)

Цитата | Quote(Holdem Manager 3 new)
    Filter bar text detection improvements
    Resolved an issue when combining HandTags and HandDateTime filters in certain order
    Updated Float quick filters definitions to be more accurate
    Added warning for corrupt databases
    Added warning on startup if additional logging is enabled
    Beta updates are now not enabled by default anymore. Opt-in available in the settings.
    Database backup will now correctly back up all configuration files in addition to the database
    Improved compatibility with Windows where some services are disabled that caused an error on startup
    Prevent an error some users got when continuing trial in My Licenses window
    Prevent archive folder to be set to program files HM3 folder
    Resolved an error with the tournament results graph after creating a new database
    Resolved an issue with sending error reports where error would sometimes not be sent if client was restarted while sending the report
    Resolved an issue with shortcut creations for Windows 10 with OneDrive desktop synchronization
    Resolved an issue with totals row in situational views for the dark theme
    Show an alert when viewing a report that is restricted by the license (Alert icon in top right)
    Updated dependencies for HM3 and added them to the automatic downloader (.Net 4.8, VC++ 2013 and 2015-2019)
    Updated translations for all languages
Graphical HUD
    PokerStars - Resolved an issue with HUD orientation on 3-max tables when using None option for Preferred seat
    PokerStars - default positions improvements
    Prevent unintentional switching of stats when new player joins the table
    Stability improvements addressing error reports from users
    WPN - Change shape of graphical hud to square to better match the theme
    WPN - Improved positioning of player panels for different table sizes
    Added logging for issue where stats unexpectedly switch to session stats for a hand (Please submit log files if experiencing this issue)
    Added more logging for an issue where stats reset in the middle of the session (Please submit feedback if experiencing this issue)
    HUD menu should now enable correctly if opened to quickly on startup
    Resetting session stats will now reset stats to count from current hand instead of previous hand
    Resolved an issue with popups where tool tips didn't appear until moving mouse cursor
    Improvements for table size detection
    Resolved an issue with auto importing backlogged summary files
    Resolved issues with importing standardized hand history files (OHH format)
    Process stat requests from the HUD more efficiently, greatly improving popup loading performance
    Resolved an issue where opponents list view would not display correctly after switching active player
Poker Sites
    888Poker - Added Snap poker HUD support
    888Poker - Blast tournaments report and filters support
    888Poker - Resolved an issue with HUD not working on cash tables in previous beta
    888Poker - Snap HUD support improvements
    9Stacks - Added auto import support
    9stacks - Added hand history folder detection
    Added detection for Betsson UK and Sweden
    GGPoker - Added Omaha rake detection
    GGPoker - Added tournament detection for Spin and Gold tournaments
    GGPoker - Calculate rake based on available rake schedules (since rake is not in the hand history)
    GGPoker - Hands will now adjust correctly to users local time
    GGPoker - Improved rake detection for known issues (Please submit hand histories if you notice incorrect rake calculations)
    GGPoker - Rush and Cash hands are now grouped correctly in sessions by table report
    GGPoker - Rush and Cash hands are now tagged as Fast hands
    Ipoker - Added winnings detection for HU SNGS
    Ipoker - Resolved an issue when importing hands exported from HM2 in Ipoker format
    Ipoker - Updated timezone for Red Star Poker to EST
    Microgaming - Resolved an issue with importing GBP hands on some Windows culture settings
    PartyPoker - Added support for Bwin Spain
    PartyPoker - Resolved import errors for hands without posted big blind
    PokerMaster/HHPoker - Updated default HUD positions for 8-max tables
    PokerStars - Added winnings detection for Satellite Spin & Gos
    PokerStars - Spin and Go Max tournaments report and filters support
    PokerStars - Spin tournaments that reward tickets will now be detected as satellite lottery tournaments
    PokerStars.ES - Added reentry detection for EUR tournaments
    Revolution/Cake - Added auto import and HUD support
    Winamax - Resolved an issue with bad hand in Flipper tournaments stopping tournament detection
    WPN - Added support for Cyclone tournaments
    WPN - Added support for new tournament summaries (Please ensure the summaries folder is correctly configured under Tools > Site Settings > WPN)
    WPN - Resolved an issue where import would get stuck on some WPN Bomb pots
    WPN - Resolved an issue where results were not correctly updated when auto importing summary files
    WPN - Resolved an issue with importing summary files that existed in WPN Summaries folder before starting auto import
    Resolved an issue where HUD was missing for some players when tables were not full
    Shows straddle in replayer for .OHH standardized hand histories
    Added game type breakdown to Tournaments by Buy-in report
    Added Tournaments by Sessions and Months reports
Situational Views
    Added translations for situational views menu
    Resolved a number of issues with various views
    Resolved filtering issues in situational views
    Changed Minraise stats to show percentage based on all preflop hands, and not only relative to preflop raises (now matches HM2)
    Resolved an issue with Limp-Reraise counting hands facing all-in as opportunities for a raise
    Resolved an issue with PFRUnopenedPot26to40bbStack stat being incorrectly filtered to SB position
    Added Timed All-In tournament type for reports and filters

+ crack (license key loader) а где собственно кряк? и у меня после запуска вылетает окно о завершении работы программы, можно какую то инструкцию по установке?
Цитата | Quote(tramp @ 11.10.2020 - 12:35)
+ crack (license key loader) а где собственно кряк? и у меня после запуска вылетает окно о завершении работы программы, можно какую то инструкцию по установке?

инструкция в архиве (readme.txt).
Проверялось на win7-x64 - всё работает.
при запуске hm3loader.exe вылетает ошибка

win8 x64
Цитата | Quote(tramp @ 11.10.2020 - 17:43)
при запуске hm3loader.exe вылетает ошибка

запускать из-под админа.
это комбо версия ? омаха тоже поддерживается ?
Holdem Manager 3.1.13 + crack (reg loader)

Цитата | Quote( Holdem Manager change log)
    Filter editor drop down menus now allow clicking anywhere not only directly on the text
    Prevent an error when opening databases with invalid bounty values
    Adding new sites through the Site settings wizard will not deactivate previously activated sites anymore
    Better handling of import errors for system restricted folders
    Bonuses can now be saved with decimals
    Prevent an error when canceling download of the installer on exit
Graphical HUD
    Added support for multiple SNAP entries on same stake level
    Prevent attaching HUD to PokerStars replayer
    Resolved an issue with HUD not showing on Spin & Go tables
Hand Viewer
    Added Run it twice support
    All-in hands will now display correct player count
    Added run it twice support
    Improved table size detection
    Column headers can now display in 2 lines when resized
    Resolved an issue with Number of players report when adding stats
    Save as .csv export will now write percentages with 2 decimals
    Save filter button will now correctly display in all reports
    Tournament graph will now correctly display tournament results in EUR currency
Situational Views
    River play quick filters will now show highlighted when applied with an X to remove them
    Three Bet Success view totals row will now show correct values
    Added support for hands that include straddle
    Changed Game type for tournaments to display Holdem/Omaha type instead of duplicating Description stat
    Resolved an issue with Avg Pot Size calculation in reports
    Resolved an issue with Steal stats not counting hands correctly in SB when facing BB re-raise
    StatsUOPFR and Minraise stats now exclude hands where raise was not possible due to stack sizes
    Updated Steal stats definitions to prevent limp-re-raises counting as opportunities
    Resolved an issue with Tournament ROI graph not working with some settings

Mirror / Зеркало
Mirror / Зеркало

password softoroom

Цитата | Quote(OldSpace)
это комбо версия ? омаха тоже поддерживается ?
этого не знаю, проверялось только на работоспособность взлома, не более smile.gif...
К сожалению с 12.11 hm3loader на моем компьютере не работает(( Несколько раз переустанавливал программу - не помогло( HM3 вылетает на этапе заставки(
Цитата | Quote(gregoryv @ 12.11.2020 - 22:40)
К сожалению с 12.11 hm3loader на моем компьютере не работает(( Несколько раз переустанавливал программу - не помогло( HM3 вылетает на этапе заставки(

Попробуйте, обновить HM3 до полседней версии прямо с сайта HM...

У меня после этого запустилася HM... Видимо проблема была именно в нем
Holdem Manager 3.1.14 + crack (loader)

Цитата | Quote(Holdem Manager 3)
    Prevent an error when only . is entered into filter bar
    Resolved an issue with tournament filter for buy-ins did not work when using Russian language
    Updated certificates that prevented previous releases from starting correctly
    Resolved an issue with HUD Only mode Start menu shortcut not working after last update
    Increased player notes window size when Notecaddy or another app is active
    Resolved an issue where hand counts were not updated during session when max number of hands was not set at heads up tables
Poker Sites
    888Poker - Updated Snap HUD support
    FullTilt - Resolved an issue where facing steal was not counted correctly in some situations
    GGPoker - Allow import of split hands where split pots sum is 1cent off compared to pot size
    GGPoker - Exclude jackpot rake from regular rake
    GGPoker - Resolved an issue with incorrect date detected for Bounty Hunters Specials
    Ignition - Resolved an issue where sometimes NL25 hands stake was detected as 0.12/0.25
    Ipoker - Added DST support for EST timezone
    Ipoker - Added support for new beta client
    Ipoker - Allow HUD to work when tables include commas in the window title that dont match hand histories
    PartyPoker - Added detection for KO Series Championship Pre-May 2018
    PartyPoker - Rebuy tournament detection
    Peoples Poker - Improved HUD table size (number of players) detection
    PokerStars - GrandTour SNG detection improvements
    PokerStars - Improve detection of Zoom tournaments
    PokerStars - Resolved an issue with progressive bounty tournament buy-in amounts
    PokerStars - Resolved an issue with re-buy/reentry tournament detection
    PokerStars - Resolved an issue with Zoom HUD on play money 1,000/2,000 tables
    RedDragon - Resolved import errors
    Winamax - Added support for tables opened in the playground in new client
    WPN - Added detection for 0.50+0.05 On Demand tournaments
    PokerStars - Resolved an issue with satellite prize not detected for some tournament
    Improved table size detection for sites where table size is not specified
    Resolved an issue where opponents cards were not always shown on showdown if option to hide hand results was enabled
    Ignition - Shorten anonymous players names
    PokerStars - Added replay support for Spin & Go Max all-in hands
    Cash Results Graph will now display bonuses when using date filters correctly
    Prevent side results graph from being sized too big
    Added new "Blinded all-in" option for preflop action facing player stats in hands grid and reports for Spin and go Max and similar tournaments
    Avg Pot SIze will now include rake amount
    Minraise stats will now correctly count opportunities for hands where player faces a three bet and then calls or raises
    RFI stats will not count Limp-Reraises as opportunities anymore

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