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Modern CSV 1.3.16


редактирование CSV файлов, CSV file editor

Дата публикации: 04.01.2021 - 13:18
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Modern CSV

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описание (ru) Modern CSV программа, которая может помочь с проблемами редактирования CSV файлов, даёт полный набор инструментов и режимов, чтобы вы могли правильно выполнить необходимые операции с ними.
Перед вами прекрасно настроенное приложение. Оно хорошо организованно и на данный момент не содержит ошибок. Это означает, что вы не найдете никаких проблем с производительностью во время его использования, поэтому процесс редактирования CSV покажется лёгким делом. Управление несколькими файлами также легко и эффективно как одним. Софт, на самом деле, позволяет импортировать папки и сразу даёт возможность приступить к работе с файлами. Приложение позаботится обо всем, выберет все совместимые документы из указанного каталога и делает их доступными для пользователя.

description (en) Modern CSV is an editor for tabular data. It makes up for the weaknesses of spreadsheet programs in handling CSVs while incorporating the strengths of the best text editors.
Its features include multiple cell editing, filtering and sorting data, large file handling, light and dark themes, regex find/replace, and plenty more. Most commands have keyboard shortcuts which you can customize to your liking.
Quick Editing
▲ Multi-cell editing
▲ Duplicate rows, columns, and cells.
▲ Move rows, columns, and cells.
▲ Insert rows and columns.
▲ Delete rows and columns.
▲ Keyboard shortcuts for most editing commands
▲ Most editing commands can operate on multiple cells/rows/columns at once.
Large File Handling
▲ Load files with billions of lines.
▲ Read-only mode for even more efficient file handling.
▲ Load files up to 11x faster than Excel.
Find and Arrange Your Data
▲ Find/Replace with regex, highlight matching, whole cell matching, etc.
▲ Sort rows or columns in ascending or descending order.
▲ Filter rows or columns.
Customizable to Your Needs
▲ Light and Dark themes
▲ Keyboard shortcuts you can set to your liking
▲ Settings including cell sizes, row/column shading, text font, etc.

Interface languages: En
OS: Windows 10/8/7 (64bit)
Homepage: www.moderncsv.com
скачать бесплатно / free download Modern CSV 1.3.16 + crack (license key Business) ~ 70 Mb
Setup (x32 & x64) + Portable (x32 & x64)
ModernCSV 1.1.5 + crack (license)

- Made portable Windows version store config information alongside the executable.
- Fixed a bug causing Replace All to not work correctly in some situations.
- Linux: Fixed a problem in some distributions making the folder/file names unreadable in the Open File, Open Folder, and Save File dialogs.
- Minor bug fixes.

setup + portable
ModernCSV 1.1.7 + crack (license key)

- Enabled scrolling while editing a cell on the right side of the window.
Version 1.1.6
- Improved international support- supports folder and file paths with non-ASCII characters.
- Fixed shift-click on a row or column label so it will drag the row or column even if it wasn't selected before.
- Windows portable: Fixed a bug so it now saves all the config files alongside the executable.
- Fixed a bug with reading UTF-16 files.

setup + portable
Modern CSV 1.2.1 + crack (key)

Windows: Enabled the user to type Unicode characters with alt+(Unicode decimal typed on keypad).
Fixed a bug causing the program to continue owning a file after disabling read-only mode.
Fixed a bug causing the context menu in the cell editor to not work correctly.
Fixed stability issues when opening empty files.
Fixed stability issues when deleting columns in special cases.
Fixed the Revert File to Saved command so it now reloads with the correct delimiter and encoding.
Minor bug fixes.

setup + portable
Modern CSV 1.2.2 + crack (lic)

Fixed a bug causing it to erase File Extension Options between version upgrades.
Stability improvements.

install & portable
Modern CSV 1.2.10 + crack (serial)

Fixed a bug causing frozen header rows to cover up part of the rows below in some circumstances.
Fixed a bug causing it to incorrectly parse some improperly formatted files in read-only mode.

install & portable
Mirror / Зеркало
Mirror / Зеркало

password softoroom
Modern CSV 1.3.3 + crack (key)

Fixed launcher size so it does not cut off the bottom part of instructions when the OS is configured to scale the display to >100%.
Fixed filter syntax bug.
Fixed a bug causing it to not start editing cells without clicking the mouse button in some circumstances.

Setup (x32 & x64) + Portable (x32 & x64)
ModernCSV 1.3.5 + crack (license)


Setup (x32 & x64) + Portable (x32 & x64)
Modern CSV 1.3.7 + crack (key)

Fixed bug...

Setup (x32 & x64) + Portable (x32 & x64)
Modern CSV 1.3.9 + crack (license)

Added commands Sort Selected Cells Vertically/Horizontally: Ascending/Descending. These 4 commands will sort only the selected cells. They will not preserve rows or columns.
Fixed pasting a single cell to an entire row, column, or table.
When copying a single cell, it now copies only as a single cell with no newline character at the end.
Fixed column auto-fit when duplicating cells to new columns.
Fixed a crash with the Insert Rows/Columns commands in some circumstances.
Fixed an intermittent crash with loading very large files.
Fixed an issue where very large files were sometime parsed incorrectly in read-only mode.
Fixed a bug with copying a whole file where an extra tab character was at the end of each row.
Windows: Fixed the Recent Files list so it only shows backslashes.
Windows: Fixed portable versions so the config files are all kept within the portable folder.

Setup (x32 & x64) + Portable (x32 & x64)
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