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Macro Recorder 2.0.68


запись макросов, captures mouse events

Дата публикации: 18.06.2021 - 15:19
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Цитата | Quote(Palamarr @ 18.02.2021 - 23:05)
Здравствуйте, будет ли доступна полная версия 2+? Спасибо)

Здравствуйте, к сожалению за взлом второй версии пока никто не взялся. Как будет обновление, опубликуем.
Macro Recorder 2.0.58f + crack (loader)

Macro Recorder 2.0.68 + crack (patched)

Search and Replace now also includes X/Y coordinates.
Error check for orphaned/non-existing labels in repeat actions.
Hi, i tried to activate 2.0,68 ver, but when i want to copy and paste crack, i cant find correct way(Replace fix in path : C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\Power-user), because i missing \Power-user folder.
Can you help, what i doing wrong?
Or it is because there is a new version .69?

Also in the second step "Note : Goto Enter license , and Enter Email (+Confirm) & Don't enter any reg code , after you confirm email will get MSG = "Success activation""

If i go to tab Help, than register, there is only one hite bar for entering license key, and under this, there are just 4 buttons, 1. purcharse license, 2. OK, 3. Cancel, 4. Help.

so where am i supossed to "and Enter email + confirm" ?
same things happends to me.
any update on the creack?
If there is a hack update, I will update
Even version 1.0.72f require license key after 10x use, even after "crack" so something is wrong with crack. So which version is actually usable after crack and 100 % working?
Or do you have any similar program like this, which is cracked and 100 % function?
Please crack last version, it's improved in many ways
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