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менеджер персональной информации, Personal Info manager

Дата публикации: 20.08.2020 - 15:21
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EssentialPIM Pro 8.03 Business + crack (license)

Цитата | Quote( EssentialPIM 8.03 (Pro & Free) )
Aug. 15, 2018
    Optimized synchronization with iOS devices for faster speeds
    Improved synchronization of recurring events with Google Calendar
    Quick search now filters items correctly based on the selected criteria
    Converting email messages into notes works as expected now
    Search by tags is fixed in Notes
    Improved the auto scaling feature for Calendar
    Sorting of all day events by drag&drop in Calendar's Week view now remembers its order
    Fixed issue with incorrect occurrences of recurring tasks
    AV error in Newsletter is fixed in some rare occasions when trying to change font
    Fixed canned responses in Mail as they were not always saved right after creation
    Other minor bug fixes and improvements

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EssentialPIM Pro 8.05 Business + crack (serial)

Цитата | Quote( EssentialPIM Pro 8 05 )
    Fixed issue with EPIM not responding for some IMAP mail accounts
    Other stability and performance improvements

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EssentialPIM Pro 8.1 Business + crack (ключ)

Цитата | Quote( EssentialPIM 8.1 )
New in EssentialPIM 8.1 (Pro & Free)
Oct. 25, 2018
    Database Management window shows more information about size of data stored
    It is now possible to use bullets/numbered lists in notes field of any module
    Improved filtering on tags
    Offline mode is now a property of database, not EPIM instance
    Copy-pasting tags now works better
    More convenient filtering on date column by choosing data range
    It is possible to send item by email straight from Advanced search
    It is now possible to compose newsletters in HTML
    It is now possible to select which Google calendars to synchronise with
    Synchronization of shared Google calendars is fully supported, including read-only ones
    When deleting categories, it is now possible to delete all appointments/tasks
    Table view in Calendar now has filter possibility
    Birthday events have own category
    It is now possible to change number of months shown in Year view in Calendar
    Tasks panel in Calendar can now have grid and alternate lines
    It is possible to filter appointments and tasks separately by categories in EPIM Today
    Now it is possible to quick-reply to email
    Advanced notifications about new mail in system tray, also in Windows Action Center
    New additional view in Mail
    It is now possible to export mail into PDF*
    Showing pictures inside emails (inline)
    It is now possible to export/import mail rules*
    It is possible to change subjects for mail messages
    It is possible to change order of fields for groups in Contacts
    During import of contacts, it is possible to omit duplicates
    Other minor changes, improvements and fixes

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EssentialPIM Pro 8.11 Business + crack (serial)

Цитата | Quote( EssentialPIM 8.11 )
Improved integrated into Windows Action Center new mail notifications
Better EPIM handling on systems with 2 or more monitors
Synchronization of formatted text in notes field for different type of items with Google services
Year view in Calendar now works correctly if more than 12 months is shown
Fixed couple of issues with Outlook.com service synchronization
Sending out workbooks via email directly from MS Excel should work as expected now
Couple of "mailto:" type of links improvements if called outside EPIM
Improvements with regards to synchronization of Google's read-only and shared calendars
Fixed other minor issues and omissions

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Mirror / Зеркало

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EssentialPIM Pro Business 8.12.1 + crack (keygen-patch)

Цитата | Quote( EssentialPIM Pro Business 8.12 )
    Quickly add mail folders to EPIM Today by right clicking on them in Mail
    Optimized exporting of emails into PDF
    Improved synchronization with iCloud, Google Calendar and Google Tasks
    Much better scaling of email messages for high resolution monitors
    Improved operation of EPIM in offline mode
    Filtering of tasks by date now works as expected
    Adjusted spell-checking feature in mail for better results
    Improved movement of tasks and notes within trees using keyboard shortcuts
    Fixed couple of issues related to quick filtering of email rules
    Ability to jump to the results section in Advanced Search using the Tab key
    No more visible source code when printing out items with bulleted or numbered lists
    Fixed couple of issues in notes specifically related to inserted pictures
    Fixed all other known minor issues

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EssentialPIM Pro Business 8.13 + crack (keygen)

Цитата | Quote( EssentialPIM 8.13 )
Right clicking on an email address within message body allows you to add it straight into contacts
Optimized handling of complex email messages
Improved paste as plain text feature in Notes
Fixed couple of inconsistencies with Vertical view in Mail
Text background color in Notes will now be synchronized with Android EPIM
Fixed couple of minor issues with iCloud sync
Better performance of Advanced search
Improved printout of short calendar events
Read/Unread feature now works as expected in Mail
Overall stability improvements

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Mirror / Зеркало

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EssentialPIM Pro Business 8.14 + crack (license - gen)

Цитата | Quote( EssentialPIM Pro 8.14 )
    Improved support of multi-monitor configurations
    Optimized export of notes
    Search and replace function in notes now works correctly for hyperlinks
    Fixed grouping of tasks in EPIM Today
    Fixed AV error when printing Calendar’s week view
    Couple of other minor fixes

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EssentialPIM Pro Business 8.15 + crack (serial-gen)

Цитата | Quote( New in EssentialPIM 8.15 (Pro & Free) )
    EPIM Cloud, Google Calendar and iOS synchronization improvements
    Couple of fixes regarding Toodledo and SyncML synchronizations
    Better automatic optimization of database files for the Business edition
    Improved import of iCal files
    Fixed vertical view layout in Tasks
    Fixed couple of connection errors in Mail
    Other minor fixes and improvements

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EssentialPIM Pro Business 8.5 + crack (keygen)

Цитата | Quote
We are excited to announce the immediate availability of EssentialPIM 8.5 (Pro and Free versions), which is a major milestone for the whole EPIM project. The list of new features and improvements that have been added into this release is below:
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EssentialPIM Pro Business 8.51 + crack (keygen)

Цитата | Quote(EssentialPIM)
    Mark appointments/tasks as completed using Alt+C shortcut directly from the editing dialog window
    EssentialPIM remembers your last choice when adding attachments to items either as links or as files
    Improved synchronization of tasks with Android EPIM
    Saving of email messages into PDF files improved
    It is now possible to print out tasks and appointments (table view) with as many columns visible as required
    Better EPIM compatibility with 4K monitors and systems with multiple monitors
    Fixed inconsistency with start/end dates in tasks
    Import of vCard files into contacts works as expected now
    Export of large number of events into iCal files will not produce the “Out of memory” error anymore
    Drag&drop of pictures into notes and text within notes should work flawlessly now
    No more errors during EPIM database encryption
    Other bug fixes, crash fixes and overall improvements

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Mirror / Зеркало

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