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менеджер персональной информации, Personal Info manager

Дата публикации: 20.08.2020 - 15:21
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EssentialPIM Pro Business 8.53 + crack (key gen patched)

Цитата | Quote(EssentialPIM)
    Improved synchronization of tasks hierarchy with Android EPIM
    Ability to re-arrange icons for notes is back (along with the recent icons section for more productive flow)
    Double click anywhere within the Related Items tab to add a new link
    Improved contacts and mail synchronization with Outlook.com
    Better management of simultaneously connected users for EssentialPIM Pro Business
    Option to auto lock the database when minimizing EPIM will not affect switching in between the modules anymore
    Fixed error during installation in some rare cases when updating EPIM
    Fixed annoying issue with the rightAlt+C shortcut for Polish users
    Other minor fixes and improvements to make the program faster and more reliable

EssentialPIM Pro Business 8.54 + crack (key gen)

Цитата | Quote(EssentialPIM)
    Improvements related to synchronization and authorization with Google services (Calendar, Drive, Gmail, etc.)
    Improved import of complex vCard (*.vcf) files
    Opening of large emails for replying or forwarding should now happen faster
    More consistent and anticipated behavior when altering tags from the Tags Explorer window
    Reminder date will now be correctly displayed for events and tasks in all cases
    Fixed task notes not always being saved properly with filters enabled
    Better support of database files from legacy EPIM versions (prior to 7.x)
    Fixed issue with adding new related items to appointments
    Fixed AV error when copying-pasting tasks in EPIM Today if Consolidated view was enabled
    Some adjustments made to the database for its better preparedness to the upcoming EPIM 8.6 version
    Other minor bug fixes and product improvements

EssentialPIM Pro Business 8.55 + crack (keygen)

Цитата | Quote(EssentialPIM)
    Better integration with Dropbox (if you still get the "Dropbox file changed. Overwrite?" message, please sync your database over to the new one using EPIM Synchronizer)
    EPIM Today UI improvements
    Couple of minor fixes in synchronization with Google services
    Improvements with Android synchronization
    Inability to delete text in notes in rare circumstances
    Send e-mail option now works for any types of contacts
    Fixed missing notes for contacts after copy-paste
    Problem with Unicode characters in mail should be fixed
    Custom fields in contacts now store their updated values
    Various minor bug fixes and improvements

EssentialPIM Pro Business 8.56 + crack (lic gen)

▲ Improved synchronization with iCloud
▲ Calendar appointments can now be edited directly again (without opening the appointment window)
▲ A client PC will be able to automatically reconnect to server upon waking up from sleep for EssentialPIM Pro Business
▲ Better synchronization with Google Calendar (for recurring events)
▲ Fixed issue with getting focus on the various fields on the contacts preview screen
▲ Fixed incorrect overdue dates when printing tasks from EPIM Today
▲ Fixed printout of Unicode calendar events
▲ Other minor bug fixes and stability improvements

Mirror / Зеркало
Mirror / Зеркало

password softoroom
EssentialPIM Pro Business 8.6 + crack (serial patched)

Цитата | Quote(EssentialPIM Pro Business)
    Global search and replace feature in Advanced Search*
    Export notes into multiple individual files in one operation*
    Dialer in contacts has been completely revamped to be compatible with VoIP apps*
    Manually adjust locations of the to/from address areas for envelopes*
    Auto checking of hyperlinks for broken ones within EPIM database*
    Automatic capitalization of the first letter in sentences (can be turned off in spelling options)*
    Option to auto create tags on double hash (##) only*
    Select multiple appointments in calendar (Ctrl/Shitf + click) and move them simultaneously*
    Ability to delete all existing synchronizations at once*
    New editable shortcuts to quickly make items Read-only (on and off) and Private/Public*
    Hierarchical structure of contact groups in the Membership dialog when assigning groups to contacts*
    Choose which email address to use when selecting the Send E-Mail option in contacts*
    Business version offers extended information about items and users that have access to them*
    Import tasks and appointments from CSV files
    Manage and pin autosaved subjects in mail
    Increase/decrease font size using toolbar icons for mail and notes
    Import of iCal files now respects time zone settings
    See by how much the database file size is reduced after manual optimization
    Display of additional recurrence info for appointments and tasks
    Finding the right folder in mail is now easier
    Additional months column in the Year view in calendar
    Today should now be much more noticeable in all calendar views
    Filter mail folders when creating message rules
    Drag and drop files into Quick Reply in mail to add attachments
    Empty subject warning when sending mail
    Full WYSIWYG printing for monthly and yearly views in calendar
    Notes are now stored in an archived form making the database file smaller and faster
    A single installer for the Desktop and Portable versions
    Other numerous improvements and fixes

EssentialPIM Pro Business 8.61 + crack (key gen)

Adding links to folders feature will now work as expected
Setting up new mail notifications on Windows 10 now works through system notification settings
New ability to edit notes simultaneously without any conflict as in the main view as using a separate dialog window
Improved how changing number of lines for tabs in notes works
Improved synchronization with Google Calendar and iCloud services
Improved selection of found notes after clearing up search phrase
Improved sorting by received date in mail
Fixed empty tags field when printing tasks
Fixed couple of issues with Outlook.com mail accounts
Fixed some missing information about attachments in detailed view
Fixed other minor issues and omissions

EssentialPIM Pro Business 8.62 + crack (keygen)

Get new email messages instantly for IMAP accounts (IDLE support)
Add multiple attachments at a time when creating newsletters
Improved CSV import of appointments
Improved handling of identities when using reply all on messages from the Sent items folder
Improved printing out of envelopes
Fixed Ctrl+F not working for plain text emails
Couple of UI fixes for high DPI displays
Other fixes found since the last version release

EssentialPIM Pro Business 8.63 + crack (key gen)


EssentialPIM Pro Business 8.64 + crack (key gen)

Цитата | Quote(EssentialPIM)
    Improved authorization for some CalDAV/CardDAV servers and for Microsoft services
    Ability to change Paste as Plain Text shortcut to your liking in Tools->Options->Shortcuts
    Synchronization of tags with Toodledo
    Alt+D shortcut for quicker deletion of entries in edit mode
    Couple of improvements regarding synchronization with Android EPIM
    Active list for tasks will now be remembered after switching to another module
    Additional shortcuts added to Advanced Search (Alt+Letter)
    Editing of mail subjects from the list view will now work as expected through long click
    Improved tags assignation in notes
    Fixed problem with inability to create new synchronizations with Google on some systems
    Fixes for the number of connected users on EssentialPIM Pro Business
    DNS errors when manually checking for new version should be gone
    Fixed exception error when copy-pasting notes
    Better handling of attachments in mail
    Cannot connect to Microsoft Store error fixed
    Many other minor fixes and improvements


Does anybody have a copy of EssentialPIM Pro PORTABLE v5.0.3 ?

because the link:
from post #45 is died.

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