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PRYANIK, 22.04.2018 - 12:26

Dashcam Viewer

Твой софтовый форум

Dashcam Viewer - это современный и продвинутый менеджер видеозаписей, адаптированный под экшн-камеры или автомобильные видеорегистраторы.
С помощью программы пользователь получает возможность не только просмотреть сами файлы со съемкой, но также получить целый перечень дополнительной информации, «зашитой» в ролики.
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description (en) Dashcam Viewer is a software application for viewing movies, GPS data, and shock-sensor data recorded by your dashcam or action cam. Dashcam Viewer supports over 70 camera models. See below for the complete list of supported cameras and features.

What Dashcam Viewer key can do for you:
Play your dashcam videos on the main screen while watching your vehicle’s speed, distance, position, bearing, and shock-sensor data update on graphs, data displays, and maps.
“Geotag” points of interest along your route. Export these to a file. Or import them back in.
Export your GPS tracks to common file formats such as comma-separated value (CSV), Google Earth KML, and GPS-exchange (GPX) for further data analysis.
Export portions of videos to new clips
Combine multiple videos into a single video

Interface languages: En
OS: Windows 10/8/7 (32bit-64bit)
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PRYANIK, 20.05.2018 - 16:14

Dashcam Viewer 3 + crack (serial)

Цитата | Quote( Dashcam Viewer Version 3.0 )
New Features:
• PiP is now available on Windows version.
• Video playback performance is improved. Note: you must now install a codec  pack to take advantage of video playback. DCV3 will direct you to the K
- lite codec pack URL when you run it for the first time.
• The occasional black screen issue is largely improved.
Mac - specific New Features:
• Video playback is smoother, especially in accelerated modes
• Max accelerated playback speed increased from 2x to 5x.
• Vehicle position and route now display correctly in Google Maps option.
• Now plays movies from Thinkware F750, F770 dashcams
• Requires macOS 10.10 or higher
New Camera Supports:
• Added support for Vantrue N2 Pro dashcam.
Minor Enhancements:
• Fixed issue where using the mouse to zoom in the video would not
• work even if the mouse was in the movie frame window.
• DCV3 no longer shows the annoying 'A movie must be playing..'
error message.
• Minor bug fixes to Movies and Geotags Window, Dashboard display.
• The Export Movie window will now disappear after a movie
clip is exported.
• In Movies and Geotags Window, the currently

DCV3 is 64-bit. No 32-bit version available.

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PRYANIK, 17.12.2018 - 8:35

Dashcam Viewer 3.1.7 + crack (key)

Цитата | Quote( Dashcam Viewer 3 1 7 )
New Camera Supports:
    Added support for Akaso Dash Cam V1
    Compatible with DOD LS470W
Bug Fixes:
    Fixed speed units issue with Polaroid G55H dashcam
    Data import improvements for NextBase 412G and 512GW

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PRYANIK, 13.01.2019 - 8:14

Dashcam Viewer 3.1.8 + crack (license)

Цитата | Quote( DashcamViewer 3.1.8 )
New Camera Supports:
• Added support for Azdome GS63H
• Added support for DOD RC500S 2CH
New Features:
• Added Fullscreen mode. Use Cmd -F (Ctrl -F on Windows) to toggle between  Fullscreen and regular modes.
• Impleme nted an  additional  slow motion speed (1/32 x speed)
• Graph  window  background  is now black instead of gray

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PRYANIK, 11.02.2019 - 13:53

DashcamViewer 3.1.9 + crack (serial)

Цитата | Quote( DashcamViewer 3 1.9 )
New Camera Supports:
    Added support for Gator GHDVR410
    Compatible with Rove R2-4K
    Compatible with Aukey DR02
    Compatible with Junsun 4K Ultra HD WiFi Car Dash Cam
    Reported compatibility with Thinkware F200 2CH
New Features:
    Alt-Return, F11, and Cmd-F (Mac) or Ctrl-F (Win) will all toggle fullscreen mode
    The spacebar-to-pause/resume feature now works even if the main window is not in the forefront.
General Improvements:
    The Time Preferences have been simplified. The Auto-Fix Time Offset button, the Always Auto-Fix Time Offset button, and the Time Offset field have all been removed. These have been replaced with a Time Bias. The Time Bias allows you to fine-tune the synchronization of the video with the vehicle’s map position. In most cases this can be left at ‘0’ seconds.
    The ability to save settings on a per-movie basis was removed. This legacy feature is rarely necessary and could cause data sync issues if not properly used. Legacy *_settings.dcv files will now be ignored.
Bug Fixes

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Mirror / Зеркало

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PRYANIK, 18.03.2019 - 11:36

Dashcam Viewer 3.2.2 + crack (licence)

Цитата | Quote( ViewerDashcam )
New Camera Supports:
    Added support for Crosstour CR750 2CH
    Added support for RoadHawk DC-2
    Reported compatibility with Kenwood DRV-320
    Reported compatibility with Whistler D28RS
General Improvements:
    Some dashcams occasionally produce GPS data out of chronological order or have duplicate data points. A workaround was applied to better handle these situations. Even with the workaround, the vehicle may not appear mapped at the exact video location. A wrench icon will appear in the Movies and Geotags window if this situation is detected.
    An error message is displayed if the user tries to load only 2ndchannel videos. (In order to view 2ndchannel videos, the corresponding 1stchannel video must be loaded. The 2ndchannel will then be loaded automatically.) Previously, Dashcam Viewer would not report an error in this case and basically do nothing.
Bug Fixes:

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PRYANIK, 22.04.2019 - 19:10

Dashcam Viewer 3.2.3 + кряк (ключ)

New Camera Supports:
Added support for Papago GoSafe S780 2CH
Added support for Junsun 4K 2CH
Added support for ROAV C2 Pro
Added 2Ch support for V-SYS P6FL and V-SYS M6
General Improvements:
Added warning message if video media can not be played by the computer’s video subsystem. Previously no warning would be issued and users would see a black screen.

PRYANIK, 13.05.2019 - 11:17

DashcamViewer 3.2.4 + crack (key)

New Camera Supports:
• Added support for APEMAN C550, variation #2
• Added support for V-SYS M6 triggered videos (g-sensor and manual triggered)
• Added support for g-sensor data in AZDOME GS63H
and ROVE R2 4K.
Bug Fixes
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Mirror / Зеркало

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PRYANIK, 3.06.2019 - 8:54

Dashcam Viewer 3.2.5 + crack (key)

Цитата | Quote(Dashcam Viewer)
New Features:
    New geotags are titled with the street address of the closest to the current latitude/longitude. Previously, new geotags were titled with “Untitled Event”. This new behavior can be turned off in the Advanced Preferences.
    Added human-readable weather summary for the time and place of the drive. For example, “partly cloudy” or “clear”.
    Switched to as the source for historical weather information.
    Added a new button in the Map window that will open your web browser to a Google Map of the current vehicle location.
    Improved the layout of widgets in the Map window.
    [Windows] The Dashcam Viewer GUI should now look better on 4K monitors.
    Added Arabic translation (thanks, Iculator Z.)
    Added Polish translation (thanks, Widmo W.)
Bug Fixes:


PRYANIK, 29.06.2019 - 10:50

DashcamViewer + crack (key)
ver. 3.2.6

Цитата | Quote(Dashcam Viewer)
New Camera Supports:
    Added support for Transcend DrivePro 550
    Added support for E-PRANCE Car DVR Recorder 3H2F GS6000 Ambarella A7
    Added support for PAPAGO GS34G
    Added support for INNOVV K2, firmware variant 2
New Features:
    Tapping the ‘c’ key will copy the current lat,lon position into the Clipboard so it can be pasted into other programs.
Bug Fixes

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Mirror / Зеркало

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PRYANIK, 21.07.2019 - 21:22

Dashcam Viewer 3.2.7 + crack (key)

New Camera Supports:
Added support for WheelWitness HD Pro Plus
Added support for Auto-Vox X1 (2CH) and Auto-Vox X2 (2CH)
Added support for Viofo A129 parking mode
Bug Fixes
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Mirror / Зеркало

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PRYANIK, 2.09.2019 - 11:08

Dashcam Viewer 3.2.9 + crack (sn)

Цитата | Quote(Dashcam Viewer)
New Camera Supports:
    Added support for Junsun 4K S590 dashcam
    Added support for JADO D860 dashcam
New Features:
    Dashcam Viewer can now load up to 1200 2-channel or 1200 1-channel videos at a time. Previously the limits were 500 2-channel or 1000 1-channel videos.
    You can now immediately enter the name of a geotag when it is created, instead of clicking the settings icon in the tag list item.
    [Mac] Dashcam Viewer is now a code-signed application
Bug Fixes:


PRYANIK, 14.10.2019 - 12:36

Dashcam Viewer 3.3 + crack (license key)

Цитата | Quote(Dashcam Viewer)
New Camera Supports:
• Added support for DOD LS475W dashcam
• Added support for CAMDII K2S dashcam
• Reported compatible with DOD LS460W
• Reported compatible with NextBase 612GW
• Reported compatible with Vantrue X4 UHD.
Bug Fixes:

PRYANIK, 26.10.2019 - 12:44

DashcamViewer 3.3.1 + крек (ключ)
New Camera Supports:
Added support for Viofo A129 Pro Duo
General Improvements:
The default video mode is to fill screen rather than maintain aspect ratio. This can be changed in Prefs.

PRYANIK, 9.12.2019 - 11:02

Dashcam Viewer 3.3.2 + crack (key)

Цитата | Quote(Dashcam Viewer v3.3.2)
New Camera Supports:
    GARMIN, finally! Added support for Garmin Dashcam 35, 45, 55, 56 (possibly other Garmin models are compatible as well)
General Improvements:
    GPX exporter now produces GPX v1.1 namespace.
    GPX importer now supports <time> stamps with fractional seconds.
    Novatek-based dashcams: Experimental change to support video filepaths that have non-ascii characters.
Bug Fixes:


dimusik, 16.05.2020 - 22:40

Dashcam Viewer 3.4.1 Portable

Программе требуется установленный K-Lite Codec Pack

PRYANIK, 27.07.2020 - 10:13

Dashcam Viewer 3.5.1 + crack (patched)

Цитата | Quote(Dashcam Viewer 3.5)
New Camera Supports
• Hot fix to support rear channel of Viofo A129 Pro Duo with firmware
A129Pro: V2.0 Build: 20200710.

PRYANIK, 24.08.2020 - 11:39

Dashcam Viewer 3.5.2 + crack (patched)

• Implemented workaround to fix single-point GPS 'spikes' seen in data stream of
some dashcam models. These are points that are out-of-scope from their
neighbors. If a point is more than 5 km apart from its neighbors, then the point is
discarded and replaced with an interpolated point.
• Improved error reporting of GPS data anomalies in Control Center window. Added more detail in error messages. If a wrench icon is displayed next to the video name, hover the mouse over the icon to reveal the errors and error codes encountered.
Previously, only a single error message was displayed.
• Added support for parking mode videos from Viofo A129 Pro Duo with firmware "A129Pro: V2.0 Build: 20200710".
• [Windows] Dashcam Viewer is now distributed with the LGPL versions of ffmpeg and ffprobe. Previously the GPL version slipped into the build. Users should replace the LGPL versions with the GPL versions for best performance and features.
• Instructions for doing this are in the Users Manual.
Bug Fixes...

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