URLBase v6.1.0.1130 Pro, Программа для управления закладками
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URLBase Professional Edition

Полезная программа для управления закладками. Поддерживает Opera, Netscape, Internet Expl, Mozilla. Позволяет импортировать, экспортировать, синхронизировать закладки. Также может проверять ссылки на работоспособность.

URLBase 6 features
Spend some time browsing the Internet and you’ll soon find yourself with a large collection of bookmarks. Regardless of your situation, you need to have a clear overview of your favourite places on the Internet, with quick access to your essential sites. URLBase 6 was designed to do just that.

Easier to use
URLBase 6 uses a flexible and highly customizable user interface, providing you with powerful link management features far beyond the standard browser utilities. Easily accessible integrated functionality allows you to validate links and instantly see which sites have been updated and which no longer work. You can scan for duplicate URLs, reducing the clutter in the database. Take control over your bookmarks using the powerful Import/Export wizard, offering full support for all the major browsers.

More powerful and efficient
User defined libraries enable you to group links from multiple categories, using your own criteria. Using library definitions, you can quickly create a specific subset of links, for example for a project at work, for a links page on your web site or for a personal rating system. The integrated libraries view gives you easy access to all links assigned to a specific library definition, eliminating the need to browse and search the full database.

URLBase 6 ships with flexible XHTML export capabilities, giving you full control over the appearance of the XHTML document through the usage of CSS style sheets.

To prevent the storage of duplicate data, URLBase 6 uses an Alias system, which allows you to create references to links in the database. This powerful feature enables you to store a single link in multiple categories without any overhead, keeping your database efficient at all times.

Live contents
Integrated RSS support let’s you read the latest news headlines of all subscribed RSS feeds. RSS is a way for web sites to summarize their content and make it available in a so called RSS feed. By using an RSS feed, you can view the headlines without having to visit the site. Many news sites and personal logs provide RSS feeds. You can add an RSS feed anywhere in the database. URLBase offers a special RSS feeds view from which you can manage all RSS feeds in the database, with easy access to all unread headlines and all headlines published today.

Reliable and secure
Based on years of experience, URLBase 6 matured to a stable and high performance level. Built-in database backup and recovery tools help you to prevent data loss. Enhanced database security protects your bookmarks and offers strong encryption for added protection of sensitive information.


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