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eXtendia AntiVirus Pro 2004

The leading anti-virus solution with advanced data protection provides DOUBLE-ENGINE background scanning for the ultimate in AntiVirus protection. eXtendia AntiVirus AVK Professional provides the highest level of virus protection when both virus detection engines are in use; it provides the same level of protection offered by most AntiVirus competitors with ONLY ONE engine in use, and always provides the best handling of archived or compressed files. eXtendia AntiVirus AVK Professional automatically identifies and removes viruses without interrupting your work; it scans and cleans incoming email; it performs daily automatic Internet Updates. Get the assurance you need. eXtendia AntiVirus AVK Professional keeps you protected against any and all new viruses just as soon as they are identified!

Microsoft's Future AntiVirus technology? ... AMAZING!

Yes - eXtendia NOW includes the AntiVirus engine technology that Microsoft recently purchased for possible future Windows and Microsoft products.

Kaspersky world-renowned AntiVirus solution? ... AMAZING!

Yes - eXtendia NOW includes the highly respected and leading AntiVirus solution from Kaspersky labs. Extendia includes the best of both worlds - all-in-one AV protection.

eXtendia AntiVirus AVK Pro provides the same level of protection offered by most AntiVirus competitors with only one engine in use, and the best handling of archived or compressed files.


Automatically removes viruses without interrupting your work.

Automatically performs daily virus identification updates, where others offer only weekly or monthly updates; this keeps your computer protected against new viruses before they even have a chance to infect your system.

eXtendia AntiVirus can understand, open and look inside ACE, ARJ, CAB, LHI, RAR, ZIP and other compressed or archive file formats to identify viruses that might harm your system.

Protects against viruses, Trojan horses, and malicious ActiveX code and Java applets.

Protects against macro viruses constructed with Microsoft Office 2000, the most common viral deployment engine.

Offers superior boot-sector protection by providing you їcold-bootї protection; now you can scan your system files before you boot up your system; this feature works using a CD-ROM Linux operating system to run a virus scan directly from the CD.

Automatically recovers, protects and restores important applications and/or data files from both accidental deletion and/or virus damage.

Lets you schedule your program and virus updates to maximize your resources during normal business hours.

Quarantine feature isolates infected files in a protected area of your hard disk until they can be repaired.

From the Quarantine area, you can selectively choose to lock the file, disinfect the file, remove the file, delete the file, or move the file to the Internet Ambulance.

The easy to use Internet Ambulance service lets you send infected files to virus experts for analysis.

The versatile Scheduling feature lets you selectively define and choose which scanning routines you want to perform when.

Integration with Windows Explorer lets you selectively scan a file or folder at any time.

Automatic Update checks for and installs new virus definitions to keep your system updated against the latest viruses.

Automatically scans email messages and attachments in standard POP3 clients, including Microsoft Outlook, Eudora, MSN Mail and Netscape Mail...>

Technical Advantages

Works with DoubleScan technology. Two independent virus scanners internally provide optimal virus recognition and thus the highest level of security.

Why DoubleScan technology?

No virus scanner can offer 100% security against viruses. However, system-dependent safety gaps result whenever a single scanner is employed against unidentified file formats. To compensate, two scanners operating independently can provide better virus detection.

Operating system: Microsoft Windows Microsoft Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP or NT 4.0
Processor: Intel Pentium 90 MHz (or better)
Memory: 64MB RAM (required-minimum)
Internet Connection

Кто не помнит RAV антивирус от Gecad. Большинство пользователей от него отказалось именно из за его хитрого апдейта. Нужно была активация ключа, и еще куча всего. Не один патч или кряк не работал толком. Так вот, двойной движок в одном антивирусе. Каспер + RAV

Офсайт _http://www.boomerangs...AVKProInfo.htm

Скачать 14.7 mB _https://www.boomerangs...ndiaAVKPro.exe
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