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Scriptomania 2.6+ CracK (Serial)
JavaScript редактор

What's Scriptomania ?

Scriptomania is a HTML/PHP/MySQL/JavaScript editor used to design static as well as dynamic web pages, with the whole power of these languages combined together. You may take a look at Scriptomania features here that allow you to build highly advanced web pages without the need of a great knowledge of the above languages, just a basic knowledge and an adequate PHP Help document from the web are sufficient as many snippets are given to you (as disabling right-click, redirection, status bar control, scrolling bars control and much more...).
Furthermore, Scriptomania is really YOUR editor: suggestions may be posted on the forums to help me improve it, and if possible your suggestions will be inchallah included into THINE Editor...

Why should I use Scriptomania ?

* To save time
With macros, you can RECORD your own macros and load them (record what you write on Scriptomania) !! This may help you add the actions you are used to using easily...
With HTML Completion Proposal, Just type for example and will be automatically provided to thee..Moreover, typing '<' will show all possible tags.
With PHP Completion Proposal and Auto Completion you can easily select the adequate function : no need to write the whole words...
With Tools Panel add many known snippets with a single click !!!!!!
Add a counter or a gallery to your site by simply clicking !!!!

* To help you with your work
When writing PHP codes, you may make mistakes misspelling words or so on... With syntax highlighting (for 4 languages) you may notice the function is not highlighted and thus know there's a spelling error even before testing your PHP code...
Forgot some functions ? No problem : just select the adequate function from PHP menu or use completion proposal...
Forgot function parameters? Just 'function(' and a hint will help you !!!
Unable to write some scripts? PHP and JavaScript snippets are there for you...
HTML Tidy will TIDY UP your HTML codes !!!

Твой софтовый форум

Scriptomania - это HTML/PHP/MySQL/JavaScript редактор, позволяющий создавать как статические, так и динамические веб страницы, используя всю мощь вышеперечисленных языков. Это дает уникальную возможность разрабатывать сложные вэб страницы, без глубоких знаний в этой области.

Link ~ 2.29 Mb

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