Registry Fast v5.0.20111111, Оптимизация реестра
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Registry Fast 2.0

Твой софтовый форум

Registry Fast является отличной программой, очищающей и оптимизирующей реестр Windows.
Эта программа сканирует ваш персональный компьютер, исправляет все ошибки.

The Windows registry is a vital part of Windows system which records the configuration of system. While install and uninstall software, the Windows registry will store corresponding information, which will cause the registry size larger and decay the performance of system.
The registry size keeps growing as you use Windows. When the time you used Windows system is long enough, the registry will contain too many redundent items that would lead to unstable performance, curious system errors, or even system crack down.
Some computer users have no idea to fix these cases, and what they do are just re-installing system again and again. This indeed waste lots of time. With the professional registry-fix application, Registry Fast, all these problems could be solved within

· Background Service Optimization
· Revolutionary registry scan engine
· Tweak memory
· Automatic/manual removal
· Back-up registry
· Program shortcuts
· Removes Invalid dll entries
· Deletes empty registry keys
· Organizes Windows startup items
· Add/remove program manager
· Junk files cleaner
· IE restore
· Clean IE history
· Re-register ActiveX items
· Create system restore point
· Detected accurate problems.
· Cleans registry, fixes PC errors.
· optimizes PC for better performance.
· Prevent application crashes.
· Load windows faster.
· Run applications smoothly.
· Maintain your system like new.
· Manage IE handler.
· Regain disk space.
· Protect your privacy.
· Easy to use, save your time.
· Unlimited free technical support
· Friendly user interface
· Auto update
· Fix some curious errors

Download: Registry Fast 2.0 Full ~ 1120 KB

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Registry Fast v5.0.20111111

ОС: Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista/ 7
Язык: англ/english
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