Unlimited Sitemap Generator 2.9, платний скриптец для XML карт
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Доброе время суток, господа!

Жаба меня душит 20 баксов платить за неизведанный скриптец и тут по воле гугла нашел страничку, на котором он выложен в условно свободный доступ.

Может быть у кого-то завалялся аккаунт на данном форуме, перезалейте куда-нибудь, скрипт не только мне пригодится. Заранее огромное спасибо

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1.04.2009 - 2:55

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Unlimited Standalone Sitemap Generator version 2.9

Here is the brief summary of its features:
1. It generates any kind of sitemap you require: XML, Text, HTML site maps.
2. It is developed in PHP languages and works with most web-server's configurations
3. Fast and easy installation onto the same host that should be crawled
4. Flexible configuration that allows you to set any sitemap parameters and crawler settings
5. Support of LARGE websites, dividing the sitemap on the parts per 50,000 URLs each and Sitemap Index file according to the Google sitemap protocol.
6. "robots.txt" exclusion protocol is supported
7. GZip compression supported (optional)
8. User-friendly progress indication for sitemap generation in manual mode
9. Allows to setup the cron job to create sitemaps without a user interaction
10. Informs (ping) Google automatically when sitemap generation is complete
11. Website structure analysis feature represents the tree-like layout of your pages distribution within folders
12. The script collects all generated sitemaps details and provides the log changes in it, including the number (and the lists) of added and removed pages.
13. The broken links are detected by the application and reported on the special page, providing also the URLs pages that refer to these bad links.

Installation and Configuration instructions are inside the ZIP file.
There is also a nice forum on the author site that will help you if you get stuck.

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