Brava! Reader, Шустрый просмотрщик PDF,TIFF,CSF файлов!
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Brava! Reader

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Brava! Reader - один из самых быстрых просмотрщиков PDF, TIFF и CSF файлов. Открывает файлы быстро и без задержки, поддерживает монохромные (факсовые) и цветные, многостраничные TIFF, а также изображения с высоким разрешением.

Brava! Reader is a free PDF Viewer, TIFF Viewer and CSF (content sealed format) Viewer. View and print TIFF, PDF and CSF files.

Brava! Reader opens files quickly without startup delay and runs either as a desktop application or as an ActiveX with IE. TIFF imaging supports, monochrome (fax) and color, multi-page and oversize high resolution images.

CSF files are persistent rights protected published files created by the free Net-It® Now, Brava Desktop and Net-It CAD content publishing applications.

CSF is a compressed format that encompasses our Visual Rights persistent security that includes password protection, onscreen banners, print, and other feature restrictions, etc. Looking for a faster TIFF or PDF viewer - give Brava! Reader a try.

Language: English

License: FreeWare


Size: ~ 31.95 MB

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