Pale Moon 28.4, оптимизированный FireFox Optimized browser PaleMoon
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Твой софтовый форум
Pale Moon

Браузер оптимизирован для современных процессоров (оптимизирована компиляция программного кода для CPU).
Pale Moon поддерживает все процессоры (CPU) начиная от седьмого поколения поддерживающих SSE2 и 3, т.е Pentium IV, Pentium-M/Celeron-M, Pentium-D/Celeron-D,AMD Opteron/Athlon64 и все современные многоядерные процессоры.

По данным разработчиков скорость браузера Pale Moon на 22%-25% выше Firefox, но к сожалению нет регламентированных тестов по которым можно было бы точно определить скорость.

Поддержка расширений и тем Firefox
Оптимизированный 100% исходный код Firefox
Увеличение скорости выполнения скриптов и отображения страниц по сравнению с Firefox
Использование меньше памяти по сравнению с Firefox.
Расширенная поддержка DOM
В портативной сборке в отличие от Firefox можно одновременно запускать несколько копий программы (из разных папок).

Pale Moon is an Open Source, Goanna-based web browser available for Microsoft Windows and Linux (with other operating systems in development), focusing on efficiency and customization. Make sure to get the most out of your browser!

Pale Moon offers you a browsing experience in a browser completely built from its own, independently developed source that has been forked off from Firefox/Mozilla code a number of years ago, with carefully selected features and optimizations to improve the browser's stability and user experience, while offering full customization and a growing collection of extensions and themes to make the browser truly your own.

Main features PaleMoon:
Optimized for modern processors
Based on our own optimized layout engine (Goanna)
Safe: forked from mature Mozilla code and regularly updated
Secure: Additional security features and security-aware development
Supported by our user community, and fully non-profit
Familiar, efficient, fully customizable interface
Support for full themes: total freedom over any element's design
Support for easily-created lightweight themes (skins)
Smooth and speedy page drawing and script processing
Increased stability: experience fewer browser crashes
Support for many Firefox extensions
Support for a growing number of Pale Moon exclusive extensions
Extensive and growing support for existing web standards
Many customization and configuration options

This browser, even though fairly close to Gecko-based browsers like Mozilla Firefox and SeaMonkey in the way it works, is based on a different layout engine and offers a different set of features. It aims to provide close adherence to official web standards and specifications in its implementation (with minimal compromise), and purposefully excludes a number of features to strike a balance between general use, performance, and technical advancements on the Web.

With the current generation of mainstream browsers, there are also more obvious and not just "under the hood" differences: Pale Moon will continue to provide grouped navigation buttons of a decent size, a bookmarks toolbar that is enabled by default, tabs next to page content by default (easily switchable) and not in the least a functional status bar and more freedom in customization, to name a few things.

Pale Moon is, and will always be, completely FREE to download and use! (Open Source and Freeware)
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Pale Moon 27.3.0

» Changes: «


Размер: 30,5 МБ.

Размер: 34,0 МБ.


Размер: 31,0 МБ.

Размер: 34,4 МБ.
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Pale Moon 28

Цитата | Quote( PaleMoon 28 )
We are excited to bring you Pale Moon 28.0. This is a new major milestone in Pale Moon's release history.

We are now building on the Unified XUL Platform which has been forked off from Mozilla's mozilla-central at a point before Rust and Quantum to continue focus on the XUL interface language and traditional browser extensions. Many thousands of things have changed since the v27 (AKA "Tycho") versions, which can't possibly all be listed here.

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Pale Moon 28.4 Final

Цитата | Quote( PaleMoon 28.4.0 )
    Removed more telemetry code from the platform.
    Fixed implementation of the IntersectionObserver API to avoid crashes, and enabled it by default.
    Switched to the new ffmpeg decode API to avoid dropping of frames.
    Fixed a buffering issue in the WebP decoder that caused intermittent browser crashes.
    Improved resource-efficiency for internal stopwatch timers.
    Improved handling of incorrectly-encoded CTTS in media files, resolving some playback issues of videos.
    Improved the Cycle Collector and Garbage Collector.
    Improved fullscreen navigation bar handling in the situation it has focus when switching to full screen.
    Aligned instanceof with the final ES6 spec.
    Improved Windows DIB (bitmap) clipboard data handling.
    Exposed TLS 1.3 cipher suite prefs in about:config in case people want to disable them individually.
    Allowed empty string on the setter to clear URL query parameters from JS.
    Added a potential fix for external links not opening in the current window/tab (untested).
    Enabled C++11 thread-safe statics in the entire application.
    Updated several preferences for integration with the new add-ons site.
Security fixes:
    Fixed a potential use-after-free in IndexedDB code. (DiD)
    Improved proxy handling to avoid localhost getting proxied. (CVE-2018-18506)
    Ported upstream Skia fixes. (CVE-2018-18356, CVE-2018-18335)
    Fixed an additional Skia issue. (CVE-2019-5785)
    Fixed several potentially-exploitable memory safety hazards and crashes. (DiD)
    Fixed a possible data race when performing compacting GC.

Download 32Bit:

Download 64Bit:

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