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AutoText Master

описание (ru) AutoText Master позволяет использовать текстовые модули практически во всех приложениях. Программное обеспечение помогает в типирования часто используемых фрагментов текста, сложной терминологии или текстовых блоков, в которых только одно значение, например дату или имя должно быть введено через маску ввода и представляет собой сложную альтернативу довольно зачаточном Word, автотекста

description (en) AutoText Master allows the use of text modules in almost all applications. The software helps in typing of frequently used text passages, complicated terminology or text blocks in which only one value, such as a date or name is to be entered via an input mask and represents a sophisticated alternative to the rather rudimentary Word AutoText.

With AutoText Master key, AutoTexts or text blocks can clearly be organized in various catalog files and groups and be used by a keyboard shortcut or a text shortcut in a variety of applications. Groups can be displayed as selection menu in any application to make it easier to access the contained AutoText entries. The program also enables the sharing of a catalog by using a database server or by synchronizing a shared folder (for example via Dropbox).

AutoText Master crack offers extensive possibilities for the configuration of a text module. For example, three different formats are available for the output of an AutoText: Text to output plain text, RTF for outputting text with RTF formatting (e.g., a background color or an italic font style) as well as HTML as third format for outputting HTML formatted text and images.

Furthermore can be determined, whether the output of a text block should be triggered by a keyboard shortcut or a text shortcut. By supporting different font colors as well as embedded images, HTML and RTF formatted AutoTexts are suitable, for example for the use of different signatures in Outlook. Furthermore, it is conceivable to use a text block with mixed content in Word or equally any RTF editor such as WordPad.

With AutoText Master you can:
▲ manage text modules or AutoTexts comfortably and clearly
▲ use text building blocks outside of Word
▲ specify custom text shortcuts and keyboard shortcuts for specific applications
▲ prevent the AutoText use in certain programs or allow the usage only in those
▲ use several catalogs in order to simplify the organization of various categories
▲ share catalogs with other people to use formulations prescribed for a specific
▲ purpose or the most current formulations
▲ display pick lists and input fields, for example to enter only the daily date in a text block
▲ conveniently import text modules from text and CSV files - the program supports the import of multi-line CSV values
▲ use completion suggestions when typing and thus use AutoTexts without entering a keyboard or text shortcut

Interface languages: En
OS: Windows 10/8/7 (32bit-64bit)
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