PDF Architect Pro 6.1, манипуляции с PDF-документами, easy edit PDF documents
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PDF Architect Pro

Твой софтовый форум

описание (ru) PDF Architect Pro содержит полный спектр функций, при помощи которых можно осуществлять любые манипуляции с PDF-документами: создание PDF-файлов и форм, конвертирование, редактирование, вставка, рецензирование, защита и подпись ваших документов.
PDF Architect Pro содержит такие модули как:
модуль конвертации
модуль редактирования
модуль вставки
модуль рецензирования
модуль защиты и подписи
модуль создания форм

Версия PDF Architect Pro 6 включает в себя все функции PDF Architect Standard + такие возможности
- Сравнение документов
- Добавление штампов и заметок
- Защита PDF-файлов с помощью 256-битного шифрования
- Создание формы PDF с нуля или использование профессиональных шаблонов PDF

description (en) PDF Architect Pro - The easy way to edit PDF documents
PDF Architect pro full crack helps you to get the most out of your PDF files. The application is exceptionally light, easy-to-use and flexible. It is the advanced PDF solution with everything you need to customize, secure, and collaborate on your PDF documents. We've included all the necessary features for home and professional users alike who wish to streamline their workflow.

PDF Architect Pro includes all of the modules you need to successfully create, edit and convert documents to PDFs. The Professional package offers conversion, editing, and reviewing tools as well as forms and security features. You can, however, purchase the modules individually to create a more cost-effective PDF converter. While PDF Architect Pro crack is a capable PDF converter, it lacks some convenience features that would improve the overall usability of the program.

This PDF converter requires you to download it to your desktop, which limits when and where you can use the program. It does not have an associated app, but it integrates with several cloud services so you can access files from multiple devices. During testing, we converted PDFs into Word documents. With its startup wizard and clean interface, we were able to convert multiple documents with ease.

Interface languages: En, Ru
OS: Windows 10/8/7 (64bit)
Homepage: www.pdfforge.org
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PDF Architect Pro x64 + OCR

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