Batch PDF Pro 3.0.4, пакетная обработка ПДФ, PDF doc utility batch
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Batch PDF Pro

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описание (ru) Batch PDF Pro - утилита PDF, которая может выполнять пакетную обработку документов PDF. Функции BatchPDF включают в себя: водяные знаки, цифровую подпись, извлечение текста, преобразование изображений в PDF, электронные таблицы Excel в PDF, преобразование документов Word в PDF, преобразование документов PowerPoint в PDF, преобразование текста в PDF, шифрование, дешифрование, экспорт страниц PDF в виде изображений и Больше. На вид неказистая, однако своё дело знает и не зависает даже на сотнях файлов.

description (en) Batch PDF Pro is an PDF utility that can batch processes PDF documents. Its features include watermarking, digital signing, text extraction, image to PDF conversion, Excel spreadsheets to PDF conversion, Word documents to PDF conversion, PowerPoint documents to PDF conversion, text to PDF conversion, encryption, decryption, export PDF pages as images, and more.

To begin with, Batch PDF Pro lets you create PDFs out of several types of documents: TXT, HTML, and images (JPG, PNG, TIFF, BMP, etc.) are among the supported file types. The app supports batch conversions, so you can load individual documents or a folder containing numerous files to the conversion queue, and the app will convert them to PDF in one single step.

Besides file conversion, the application includes options to protect documents content and integrity. You can easily encrypt PDFs using a password to protect your documents and prevent other users from printing, copying, or modifying their content. It is possible to add a digital signature to your files as well, using a digital certificate and adding details like author, creator, reason, location, etc. You can make the signature visible and customize its appearance. Another way of protecting documents and avoiding copyright issues is using watermarks and stamps. For that purpose, the app lets you add both text and image watermarks, with the possibility of customizing them in many aspects, from their position on the page to the opacity level.

Interface languages: En
OS: Windows 10/8/7 (32bit-64bit)
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