Adobe CC 2019 Collection MAC, Adobe CC 2019 Collection MAC
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Adobe CC 2019 Collection MAC
Adobe CC 2019 Collection MAC | 11.5 GB

Adobe unveiled the new CC 2019 Release, which the company says is the biggest product launch since they first introduced Creative Cloud over six years ago. Pam Clark, Senior Director for Photoshop, exclaimed, "Today is by far the largest product announcement and launch experience of my career on the Photoshop team, and at Adobe. We have never delivered so much amazing new innovation to customers on the same day. I can't wait to see what you create!"

Photoshop CC 2019 v20.0.0.256
Premiere Pro CC 2019 v13.0.1.13
Illustrator CC 2019 v23.0.1
InDesign CC 2019 14.0.1
InCopy CC 2019 v14.0
Prelude CC 2019 v8.0.0
After Effects CC 2019 v16.0.0
Media Encoder CC 2019 v13.0.1

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