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Dose for Excel - Adds More Than 100 Advanced Functions And Features For Microsoft Excel
The software is described below, arranged by the Ribbon group in which they appear.
The Dose for Excel menu in Excel
Excel 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 or Office 365 with Dose for Excel in its menu

Navigation :

If you have many opened Excel workbooks then it will be difficult to navigate between, this utility will help you to navigate through your workbooks easily and also to a certain worksheet inside the workbook by elegant way.
Dose for Excel Add-In

If you are tired of removing duplicated rows, or loaded by comparing sheets, or having headache doing complicated tasks in Excel, then Dose for Excel is the powerful handy tool for you to simplify all these complicated tasks into few clicks. It provides more than +100 advanced new functions and features added into Excel ribbon for your easy use. For example, you can export sheets quickly, merge cells or rows or columns without losing data, comments assistant, count cells by color, advanced built-in formulas, advanced built-in functions, auto backup your workbooks easily.

Dose for Excel simply will save your time and effort.

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