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Consumed Awakening-DARKSiDERS | PC |Size:3.55 GB
Release Date : 21 Jun, 2020
Genre : Action, Indie, Strategy
Developer : Birchislet Gaming
Publisher : Birchislet Gaming
Platform : PC
Language : MULTi


About This Game
Consumed Awakening is a strategic action game set in a dystopian future where mankind lives in a fading theocracy in the distant future among the stars.

Take control over a group of Vector soldiers that had all been in hibernation as they awaken in the capital city of the Isgar sector and will be instrumental in saving the sector from a threat that will otherwise end mankind in that sector and put the only remaining human government in terminal decline.

Features* Control a powerful set of units over 7 large and diverse missions that tie together the narrative.
* Use positioning and abilities to overtake swarms of enemies.


System Requirements:
OS: Windows 7 SP+ or newer
Processor: CPU: SSE2 instruction set support.
Memory: 8000 MB RAM
Graphics: Graphics card with DX10 (shader model 4.0) capabilities
DirectX: Version 10
Storage: 5000 MB available space

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