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Mordhau [Release build #7] by Pioneer | PC |Size:9.38 GB
Genre: Action , First-person , Third-person , 3D
Release date: 2019
Developer / Publisher: Triternion
Interface language: English, Multi
Voice language: English
Publication type: RePack
Version: Build 7
Tablet: Embedded (Goldberg)


About This Game
Mordhau is a game project developed in the genre of a simulation game in which you have to go to the world of the Middle Ages to fight your rivals with sharpened swords. You will become part of a dynamic and merciless resistance, where there is no place for fear, but only for strength and courage. Focus on the main point and try not to say goodbye to life for as long as possible, punching your way to success. Be attentive and do not forget to follow the development of your combat abilities, because the further you go, the more difficult the gameplay will become. A variety of opponents will enter the battlefield against you, so you must be prepared for unexpected turns of events. In the Middle Ages, rules and laws reigned, and only the strongest managed to survive. Your tactical skills will also help you reach your goal as quickly as possible. The combat system has been brought to maximum realism, which will allow you to fully feel like a real fighter. Depending on the weapon and armor chosen by you, your movement around the world will depend, so calculate your arsenal wisely.

Repack Features
▪ Based on STEAM version (client from Kortal).
▪ Possibility of network play.
▪ The latest version of the game at the time of publication.
▪ Installation ~ 10 min
RePack from Pioneer

System Requirements:
☑ Operating system: Windows 7 or higher (x64) +
☑ Processor: Intel Core i5 - 4670 or better
☑ RAM: 8 GB of RAM
☑ Graphics accelerator: NVIDIA GTX 680 or better
☑ Free space on HDD: 20 GB

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