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Genre:Adventure, RPG, Strategy
Developer: Zaxiquej
Publisher: Zaxiquej
Size:306 MB

Soulestination" is a magic tower (fixed-value strategy RPG) game that incorporates meta elements. Players need to control Rovia as the Savior, fight the enemy in the process of exploring the world, and gradually see the essence of the world.

The girl Rovia was summoned to the world "Kaladore" and told that she was the new Savior of this world. She accepted the task of saving the world, set off for the Sacred Place in the north of the world. Along the way, she witnessed what is happening in this world on the verge of destruction. At the same time, she will also witness the secrets hidden behind.


· More than 300 well-designed maps, more than 20 different styles of areas

· Revealing the essence of the world as you explore further

· More than 200 enemies, with dozens of different skills. You need to organize strategies for each enemy with unique skills

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